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Simplifying the Close for Retail & eCommerce

As a finance and accounting team within the retail industry, you are expected to manage large volumes of transaction data, keep up with changing payment trends, provide business-critical insights as the economy shifts, and more. As your organization grows and the world of e-commerce enables consumers to buy more goods at a faster pace, the demands and expectations of the office of finance increase in tandem.

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Effectively Manage High-Volume Transactions While Providing Valuable Insight to the Business

Leading organizations know that they must adapt and modernize their financial close process in order to effectively close the books and keep up with today’s fast-paced world.

With the support of proven financial process automation, finance and accounting departments are learning to work smarter, and more efficiently, ensuring their time and effort is focused on high-value activities that will drive the strategic direction of their organization.

Manage Data Across Complex Transactions

Focus on Exceptions While Managing Volume

Support Organizational Growth

Get your data right

Identify and organize your data more effectively from different sources of data such as credit and debit cards, cash, checks, giftcards, etc. Automated Matching improves efficiency and effectiveness, while subsequently reducing the monthly time spent reconciling.

Focus on what matters

Defined thresholds, variances, and tolerances on dates and amounts help drive up the automated match rate and reduce the time to manually match, allowing your teams to focus on exceptions.

Be proactive

With all financial close information in one place, your team can perform an in-depth analysis on your close data to further increase efficiency and improve accuracy, preparing your organization for future growth.

See What Your Colleagues Are Achieving

The Evolution of Accounting For Retail and E-Commerce

Ralph Lauren Reduces Time To Close and Monthly Cash Shortages

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Since implementing Trintech, Ralph Lauren has seen:

  • Reduced Monthly cash shortages
  • Monthly closing time shortened
  • Time reduced for reconciliation and now done by a single employee

Reporting is a big plus for us. We’ve created numerous custom reports with the data now available and can share them quickly with our stores, district managers and loss prevention personnel. Management has grown to depend on the information.”

Ralph Lauren

Norwegian Online Retailer Controls Growth with Trintech’s Adra Suite

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By using Adra, Bransdal Group was able to:

  • Spend less time on manual reconciliation tasks
  • Gain visibility and control of tasks
  • Complete documentation for internal control and the auditor

Having a system that handles the identification while managing the progress of balance reconciliation created value for us. We have a better overview of whether we’re on track for the month-end.”

Kjetil Homme Berntsen Accounting Manager
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UK retailer uses automation for greater efficiency and control across the financial close

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By using Adra, Hobbycraft were able to:
  • Resolve exceptions quicker
  • Gain confidence in the accuracy of their numbers
  • Improve their processes to refocus times on higher value-add tasks

It was critical that we made sure to implement a solution that captured thatknowledge so that all our processes were well documented and visible to ournew and existing team members. With Adra, we now have a robust tool inplace, and I no longer have to worry about a single point of failure.

Russell Harrison CFO

Connect Your Data with Our Universal Plug and Play ERP Integrations

What is needed to transform and revolutionize the office of finance is an enterprise system of controls that enables an efficient close with accurate and reliable reporting. This system of controls needs to work closely with your financial system of record, for example, your ERP system, to enable activities such as transaction account matching, GL reconciliations, close tasks, journal entries, or even compliance testing while extending into your office of finance’s ecosystem for controls in treasury, tax, reporting and more.

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