Accurate, Powerful Reconciliation for Reliable Financial Performance

No matter how familiar you are with the process of handling the reconciliation of your organization’s important data, in the end, it presents complex challenges — too much volume, too much time, and too many manual processes. And all too often, inefficient workflows and lack of visibility delay your team, quickly limiting the use of your reconciliation data across various lines of business.

ReconNET is the ideal solution to all of these challenges, helping your Finance and Accounting team save time, reduce financial risk and grow its value to your business.

Our high-volume transaction and matching software automates over 90% of daily, monthly, and periodic reconciliation while reducing associated costs and risks. We want to help you mitigate data entry and processing errors, minimize manual processes, and tighten your internal controls.

Best-in-class reconciliation is within your reach.

See why more than 500 organizations in nearly every sector worldwide, from banking to healthcare to transportation, trust ReconNET.

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  • Increased efficiency with automated high-volume transaction and matching, potentially reducing bank to book reconciliation efforts from weeks to days
  • Advanced tools for exception reporting and management
  • Powerful reporting and visualization tools that let you see where your cash is at any given time
  • Comprehensive risk management functionality that includes both detective and preventative controls
  • Robust customization options that allow you to perform specialty reconciliation specific to your organization

Benefits and Details

Automated, High-Volume Transaction Matching

ReconNET automates daily, monthly, and periodic reconciliation and account balancing processes through powerful matching algorithms — electronically matching your data and automatically reconciling accounts.

Controls and Reporting

Measure only the KPIs you want through easily accessible reports so that you can optimize your internal processes and financial relationships.

Anticipatory ACH

Get the most money possible into interest-bearing, concentration accounts by eliminating the need for proprietary bank ACH systems and their associated fees. ReconNET automates the ACH calculation process and reduces your company’s exposure to ACH overdraft fees.

SOX and BASEL II Compliance

ReconNET prevents mistakes during the input process and detects them during the output process to improve your audibility and compliance.