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The only native built application for the ServiceNow platform designed specifically for the unique needs of the Office of the CFO. CadencyDirect drives automated financial close processes that extend into the Now Platform® to enable users across the business with native workflows and triggers.

Financial Transformation Meets Digital Transformation with CadencyDirect

Today’s finance teams are being challenged to transform alongside the business they support while also staying focused on completing their core functions. While some may argue that they are already providing the strategic guidance their business requires, in reality, they are often being pulled in to simply provide data rather than holding a position at the table to drive strategic business decisions.

To achieve operational excellence, and become a strategic advisor for the organization, leading finance teams are automating processes to improve speed and accuracy, improving workflows for better visibility and communication and adapting their workforce for a digital age.

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As the only financial close automation app for digital workflows, CadencyDirect connects Finance & Accounting like never before through the ServiceNow Platform. This means areas of the business that are related but not directly part of the Record to Report process can easily be accessed through triggers and workflows, creating a more secure and holistic approach to the financial close process.

The CadencyDirect Platform

Powered by Trintech’s industry-leading Cadency Solution, CadencyDirect automates your financial close processes while also enabling Now Platform users across the business with native workflows and triggers.

Whether you’re an experienced ServiceNow client looking to sync your in-progress digital transformation initiatives, or just starting your transformation journey, CadencyDirect is designed to meet you where you are.

Account Reconciliations

Take control of the balance sheet account reconciliation and certification process with automation to greatly reduce the number of accounts that need individual attention.

As data is transferred from your system of record (typically your ERPs or another third-party system) into CadencyDirect, the solution streamlines the entire reconciliation process and drives accuracy, predictability and reliability of financial statements. In turn, accountants can remediate any errors promptly as they receive notifications of items that require their attention along with any applicable risk factors.

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Transaction Matching

Reduce the Time and Risk Associated with Your Matching Process.

As data from ERPs and other sources is added, CadencyDirect works to standardize and enrich even the messiest of data. This process immediately results in strong auto-matching rates with superior exception management capabilities. As exceptions are automatically created for unmatched items, your team can rely on well-defined, configurable and risk-intelligent process for notification and issue resolution.

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Close Management

Take control of the time and energy required to complete the period-end close.

Approach each period-end with greater confidence and more visibility into any bottlenecks. CadencyDirect allows you to orchestrate and manage all system and close activities with a reliable, repeatable, and highly-visible workflow to quickly identify bottlenecks and create actions for issue resolution.

With a dashboard-driven management framework in ServiceNow, your accounting team can maintain seamless communication across the organization, greatly reducing missed deadlines and ensuring the accuracy of financial statements.

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Journal Entry

Reduce Risk and Drive Efficiency by Automating Your Journal Entry Process.

Increase your audit readiness by facilitating accurate journal entry postings with clear routing, key controls and documentation throughout to support their validity. CadencyDirect enables a fully configurable end-to-end workflow to bypass common issues found in manual approaches to deliver real-time visibility, control and validation of the status of all journal entries.

With seamless integration between CadencyDirect, the Now Platform and any third-party system, you can strengthen governance and remove the ambiguity that lengthens the close process.

Financial Controller completing their journal entry

Financial Controls and Compliance

Reduce the Time and Risk Associated with Testing Controls and Supporting Audits.

Alongside ServiceNow GRC, you can enable continuous monitoring of controls performed in CadencyDirect to provide visibility into financial and non-financial processes, data, controls and risks to key initiatives (such as ESG) on a single platform.

CadencyDirect also helps to establish a compliant, thoroughly documented period-end close by automating financial compliance throughout the Record to Report process while capturing all supporting material. By implementing your financial governance model throughout the entire close process and utilizing critical controls, issues can be flagged as soon as they arise, and auditors have secure access to a centralized record of compliance initiatives.

Finance team looking at their controls and compliance

Intercompany Accounting

Create a Reliable, Predictable and Efficient Intercompany Accounting Process.

CadencyDirect helps you overcome the complex challenges of intercompany accounting by facilitating a streamlined workflow for comparing and reconciling transactions between entities as part of your larger financial close process. With enhanced controls you can drastically reduce the number of accounts and transactions that require human attention and decrease the time needed to close.

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ServiceNow Integration Hub

CadencyDirect allows ServiceNow IntegrationHub users to successfully bring finance and accounting into lockstep with the whole enterprise.

Reducing the time it takes your organization to close is a lot more achievable when all the relevant teams, such as Compliance and Disclosure Management groups, are kept up to speed and enabled to work more dynamically across the myriad platforms in use.

With CadencyDirect’s spoke in the IntegrationHub, accounting teams can be brought into the workflows and business processes of the entire enterprise with bi-directional capabilities.

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