Drive Finance Transformation and Value with this Certified Technology Partnership

World-class organizations around the globe are turning to Trintech to maximize their SAP investment and modernize their financial processes — and benefitting significantly from long-term cost savings and convenience.

Unlock the Potential for a High-Performing Financial Close

The average SAP implementation costs 3-5 times the investment and in total will have an average cost of 3-4% of a company’s annual revenue. Trintech’s certified technology partnership with SAP® solves unique problems for SAP® customers by automating critical financial close activities that typically sit outside of the ERP. Additionally, the partnership addresses the areas of tax, topsided entries, intercompany, open item clearing and more. Harness your investment in SAP® so that ECC6, BPC and S/4HANA problems can be solved without custom development or manual processes and with a positive ROI, user experience, financial controls and automation.

Seamless Certified SAP Solution configurable to your needs

Bi-directional connectors saving our customers over 3,600 hours a year

Reduce overall IT investment costs and risks

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Multiple SAP Integrations

Whether your organization utilizes ECC6, S/4HANA, SAP 4.7 or a combination of all — Trintech integrates these into one system of controls bring enhanced control, automation & data integrity. Now you can have real-time visibility into your financial close within a single console.

Credentials include:

  • Inclusion in the S/4HANA EX program
  • Certification for S/4HANA, On Premise and HEC (HANA Enterprise Cloud)
  • Certification for the HANA Cloud Extended Edition
  • Certification for the HANA Cloud Private Cloud (Rise with SAP® — new in 2021)
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Intelligent Automation

Automate activities directly in your SAP ERP while integrating real-time to instantly update the status of completed tasks.

Use machine learning algorithms to examine trends in your data over time, identify abnormalities, and automate workflows based on the associated risk. In turn this will drive business process improvements, automate manual tasks, all while identifying high-risk items for human review.

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