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How We Serve Finance and Accounting Professionals

Empowering Finance and Accounting Professionals Through Standardization and Automation

Close the books faster, easier and with confidence leveraging Trintech’s solutions that are purpose-built to streamline and automate the reconciliation and financial close processes.

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What Our Customized Solutions Solve

Reduce Manual Work

Businesses are moving faster than ever, and organizations expect their finance and accounting teams to meet the demands of today with the same or fewer resources. This is where automation makes a difference by saving time, reducing risk, and streamlining finance and accounting processes to increase overall efficiency.

Minimize Risk

Standardized and documented workflows provide Finance and Accounting professionals with increased visibility and control needed to mitigate risk. Implementing automation allows for the identification of high-risk items and ensures processes are completed as efficiently and effectively as possible in accordance with the organizations risk framework and tolerance levels.

Leverage a Standard Control Framework

By digitizing and combining all facets of financial processes and documentation, finance and accounting teams can be sure they have a standard control framework to streamline overall workflow. Not only will digitizing processes help finance teams communicate and collaborate
more effectively, but it will also save time in planning, reporting, and empower finance teams to offer strategic business advice that is expected today.

How We’ve Helped Northern Tool + Equipment

Watch this video and learn how the Finance team at Northern Tool + Equipment have overcome their daily challenges by using Trintech’s solutions.

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“Time is money. We were able to save whole days off our close. And when you’re in a high growth company, having that time every month allows our high-value resources to switch and do value-adding tasks.”

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How We Serve Your Team

The reconciliation and financial close process is critical. With Trintech’s automated solutions, your organization can confidently make decisions and increase efficiency across all teams.