End-to End Reconciliation and Certification

Frontier Reconciliation helps you fully automate the reconciliation lifecycle to improve operational efficiency and mitigate risk.

Move From Slow, Error-Prone Manual Processes To Powerful Automated Reconciliation and Certification

Manually managing reconciliation can create vulnerabilities such as noncompliance, fraud, errors, write-offs and audit risk.Our comprehensive end-to-end reconciliation and certification solution forms a complete account reconciliation picture across your enterprise, making exceptions instantly visible and reducing manual interventions. The solution takes an enterprise approach to reconciliation and exception management, creating an optimal environment for effective risk management, unprecedented data visibility and operational efficiency.


Average Improvement In Process Efficiency


Lower Auditing and Professional Fees


Reduction in Errors That Result in Financial Loss

 See The Complete Financial Picture of Your Organization

Flexible Transaction-Level Matching

Minimize the risk of financial misstatement with transaction-level matching – on one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many levels.

Integrated Account Certification

Improve accuracy in the data being attested or certified. Certify with confidence with all the data in a single system.

Automated Exception Management

Manage rising transaction volumes and related risks by automatically identifying, routing and resolving exceptions according to your organization’s best practices.

Single Source of Truth

Leverage automated reconciliation tools that can pull in data from multiple systems, providing a single source of truth and speed time to revenue recognition.

Increase Efficiency

Automate manual matching & reconciliation processes to decrease labor costs and free up time of valuable staff.

Reduce Write-Offs

Reduce financial losses associated with fraud and settlement errors with improved visibility and exception resolution workflow.

Reduce Audit Risk

Reduce financial, operational, and regulatory risk with enhanced financial controls and standardized processes.

The Platform

Frontier Workflow Manager

Automate exception management processes for great efficiency and speed

Managing exceptions as part of the reconciliation process typically requires manual processes that are labor-intensive, error-prone and costly. With Frontier Reconciliation: Workflow Manager, you can manage rising transaction volumes and related risks by automatically identifying, routing and resolving exceptions according to your organization’s best practices.

Frontier™ Reconciliation: Workflow Manager is a fully integrated workflow and case management solution that provides approval workflow capabilities for exception management. Automatically identify, route and resolve exceptions for a faster close and move your organization from a manual control process to an automated exceptions management platform.

Automated Reconciliation

Accurate Reconciliation operates as a centralized hub that consolidates operations and powers breakthrough processing. This single, standardized architecture pushes information across borders in real‑time, enabling fast response and informed decision‑making. Using a web interface, personnel across the enterprise receive an elevated view of information and process workflow – and benefit from best-in-class capabilities for matching, exception management and resolution, risk management and reporting.

Data can be imported in any format from internal sources such as a general ledger or accounts payable systems, or externally from a bank, message network or other data sources. Real-time reporting capabilities remove manual reporting efforts and allow organizations to shift analysis to Day-1 tasks.

Account Certification

Automate critical financial processes and controls to simplify the adoption of a sound financial governance strategy

Reconciliation and certification are normally two separate processes. Integrating them as a single process is a crucial move that significantly improves accuracy and confidence in the data being attested/certified. It allows the data to be traced to its source throughout the entire financial close life cycle – from data ingestion through matching, exception management, reconciliation, certification and signoff.

Frontier™ Reconciliation: Account Certification is a fully-audited workflow-based solution to manage the review and approval process for reconciliations. Encapsulating industry best practices and accepted compliance frameworks, Account Certification delivers critical visibility and transparency into reconciliation controls and the associated supervisory and attestation processes demanded by regulatory compliance.

Frontier Transfer Manager

Implement stringent audit control processes and full separation of duties

Organizations today face an increasingly compliant‑sensitive business environment. The implementation of a structured and robust IT audit compliance strategy is required to effectively adhere to recognized standards. Two key elements of this strategy are change control and separation of duties.

With Frontier™ Reconciliation: Transfer Manager, a business-rules transfer tool within the change-control process, your organization can achieve compliance with even the most stringent audit practices. Transfer Manager enables your organization to implement audit control processes and full separation of duties while supporting quicker deployment of reconciliation system additions and modifications, eliminating the need for human intervention.

Frontier Performance Manager

Display and interpret reconciliation process data with industry best practice KPIs

With a process as important as reconciling financial data, organizations need real-time visibility into the reconciliation and transaction management process, including trending analysis and comparison of current state performance versus benchmarked standards.

Frontier Reconciliation: Performance Manager enables you to view real-time reconciliation report data across the enterprise so you can identify key performance, risk and financial control indicators. Robust Reconciliation Reporting Capabilities include:

  • Enterprise-wide, real-time graphical view of reconciliation process data with full transactional drill-down report capabilities
  • Predefined industry best practice key performance indicators (KPIs) [eventually we should do pages for industries]
  • Customized report KPIs built for senior management, operations managers and systems management staff
  • Time-based trending to alert on key changes in information
  • Complex analysis capabilities to allow for online, real-time research
  • Multitude of print, export, email and other output reporting formats to provide open data access