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Cadency’s Connectors for ERP Systems

While your ERP plays a significant role in the management and automation of daily operations, it is simply not designed to handle the complexity of the financial close process.

Unfortunately, to compensate for the gap in the ERPs capabilities, a large amount of data and tasks are all-too-often taken outside of the system and managed manually; this approach significantly limits visibility into the process and introduces innumerable opportunities for misstatement-causing mistakes.

To help you maximize the value of your ERP investment while still allowing it to be your central source of truth, Trintech offers a Cadency ERP connector for SAP®, a Cadency connector for S/4HANA, Cadency Connector for Oracle® EBS, Cadency Connector for NetSuite® and a Cadency Universal Application Connector to connect with any ERP you’re using.

Download this brochure to learn more about how Cadency’s ERP Connector  seamlessly allows management of all Close activities inside and outside the ERP.