Financial Close Task Automation in SAP S/4HANA with ERP Bots


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The big difference here is that Trintech is the only enterprise R2R provider with built in pre-integrated ERP Bots. The advantages of these Bots is that they have a built in library of ERP specific clusters and it knows what and where to look in various processes to determine success. Additionally, these libraries and their capabilities actually increase daily and weekly. – Joe Kuncharia, Trintech

For large enterprises, the timely completion of financial close tasks in their ERP or S/4HANA environment requires significant planning and execution by an army of employees. This is why organizations are turning to technology to transform their Office of Finance with a System of Accounting Intelligence™ that enables an efficient close with accurate and reliable reporting. To further maximize efficiencies, many have started to deploy ERP Bots within their System of Accounting Intelligence to trigger advanced, time-saving workflows in their ERP.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Why organizations are looking to improve their Record to Report process
  • How a System of Accounting Intelligence can ensure the integrity of your financial close
  • How to automate Close tasks with ERP Bots
  • Best practice examples