Scale Your Business: Navigate The Financial Close Automation Journey in 8 Questions


Scale Your Business Through Modern Solutions

As a business scales the Office of Finance will have to do more, faster. Outdated processes like manual matching and spreadsheets simply can’t handle more people, new processes, and increased reconciliation volume. This becomes a significant burden on the F&A organization. As a result, many are turning to financial close automation to reduce those tedious manual processes and improve their financial data’s overall visibility and accuracy.

The benefits of financial close automation can add value to any organization, especially those with a mind for growth. This technology can work in tandem with the finance team’s existing processes; consider how to best optimize those processes to make the move to automation a simple and logical next step.

By moving away from manual processes to an automated solution, your finance and accounting professionals can shift focus to strategic initiatives with more time to identify new opportunities to scale your business. However, changing a business process can’t happen overnight: transforming the Office of Finance is a multi-phase journey, not a singular occurrence.

Use this flowchart to assess your journey toward automation as you continue to scale your business.