Not Your Grandpa’s Consolidate and Close Software

White Paper

The six costliest words in managing a finance department are, “we’ve always done it this way.” Accounting processes are eternal, but how they are performed, using which tools, must constantly evolve to address the opportunities and constraints of the time. Since lockdowns disrupted departments in 2020, and now faced with a shortage of accountants, executives have focused on using technology to enhance the productivity of their staff. In particular, they are looking at the systems they use to manage their financial consolidation to transform easily automated processes such as reconciliations and streamline the management of the close-to-report with workflows.

Download the paper from Ventana Research to explore how today’s consolidation technology can help finance and accounting executives make their department more productive in ways that improve the working environment and make it possible for them to attract and retain the best talent in a resource-constrained environment.