Trintechers in the Community: Nick Lancuba

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Nick Lancuba with his family at a “Hit the Hill,” event, an organization geared towards suicide prevention.

Trintechers in the Community

Nick Lancuba
Senior Manager, Financial Transformation
Townsville, Queensland, Australia

I have been coaching Junior Soccer teams since 2013. My middle son Harry wanted to play, so we went to a meeting in Sydney where the question was asked “Who will coach the team?” and all of the parents literally took a step backward and I was stuck there in the middle. Despite having no previous soccer experience, I was going to be the new coach!

My first year was spent researching on Youtube about how to coach and develop training drills. I then qualified for several Coaching licenses and in 2015, I was named Coach of the Year by an overwhelming majority for both the U-9 (my son Harry) and U-7 (my son Ethan) teams. They went through the season undefeated and had a ball!

In 2016 I started to coach the teams in a new location of where we live now, Townsville. Shortly after, Trintech agreed to sponsor the club and all of the Coaches and Managers were able to get shirts with their name and the Trintech logo on the back. This allowed the kids to approach coaches and anyone in the club by name, which began to harmonize the club a bit more.

In 2018, again Trintech sponsored the club, but this time it was for kids whose parents could not afford the Club registration. These 15 year old kids normally roamed the streets involving themselves in juvenile crime, out of pure boredom.  The first two months of transitioning for these kids was tough as they were not used to being part of a team of caring individuals.  Two months later, they won their first game and the celebration after the game was as if they had just won their first grand final. Some were in tears as they thought that they would never achieve this camaraderie.  They went on to win only a handful of games throughout the season, but they cemented friendships and connections with teammates, coaches, club members that still exist today.  At Christmas of 2019, I even saw one of the boys in the local shopping centre, wearing that Trintech jersey as if he has never taken it off.  Long lasting memories and friendships thanks to Trintech.

I was also sponsored by Trintech for a local “Hit the Hill” event in Townsville.  It involved getting a group of 25 people and walking non-stop from the peak of Castle Hill to the bottom and back, continuously for 24 hours! This event helped raise funds for Headspace Townsville and break down the stigma attached to Suicide and Mental Health in the community. We filled up the cooler with drinks, packed our snacks and sleeping bags and walked and walked and walked, through rain, hail or shine. It was a very rewarding experience!

These are just two of the many ways Trintech has supported employees’ community efforts, and I am confident in their continued support in the future!

Written by: Nick Lancuba