Trintechers in the Community: Dave Tanner, Jr.

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Trintechers in the Community

Dave Tanner, Jr.
Software Engineer II
Owings Mills, MD

1. What does social responsibility mean to you and how do you think Trintech exhibits this on a corporate level?
I think social responsibility boils down to balance. Whether it be at a personal or corporate level, not only do you want to better yourself or your company as an individual entity, you also want to be giving back and helping to better society as a whole. It’s a balance between economics and accountability for your impact within the social ecosystem.

Trintech is constantly giving back by taking part in volunteering efforts, as well as encouraging their employees to do so. Just recently Trintech took part in a volunteer effort to help assemble bikes and skateboards for children at the Buckner Center. Trintech is also involved with the STEM programs through the Girl Scouts in the Dallas area, which I think is a great way to help get kids interested in technology at an early age, as well as promote gender diversity in the workplace.

2. What are you involved in outside of office that allows you to give back to the community?
The Trintech Owings Mills office has taken advantage of volunteer opportunities on multiple occasions. One day was spent with the Baltimore Boys and Girls club, taking part in various activities with the children, and ending the day by explaining the various career paths within a software company. Of course, we also spend time explaining that not all programmers are coding video games, but that you can absolutely learn to do that! Another day we spent with children from local schools at the Junior Achievement Center, in a setting they call “Biz Town”. This simulated society helps children understand some of the integral roles within society, whether it be the broadcaster for a news radio station, or a bank employee helping to approve auto loans. This helps children make a connection between some of what they learn in school, to the real world applications of those skills.


Dave Tanner Jr. volunteering at the Junior Achievement Center’s BizTown in Owings Mills, MD.

3. Where do you most enjoy volunteering and what about those organizations inspire you?
I love working with kids, and especially promoting a career in technology to younger generations, so I really enjoyed my time with the Boys and Girls Club, as well as Junior Achievement Centers. Beyond that, I have a great passion for the outdoors, and I think social responsibility certainly extends to the environment, so I like to volunteer my time to help keep my local parks clean. We regularly have unorganized cleanup days, where those acquainted through our hobbies and passion for the outdoors, go out and clean up trash from parks and reservoirs. Not only does this help preserve our natural resources, but it’s also a great way to get our children, or even friends, outside and active, and instill a conservation aware mindset.

4. How would you encourage others at Trintech to get more involved within their community?
I think the best advice I have, is to just go do it! It may seem daunting to figure out what to do, or how to give back, but a simple search online in your local area will uncover a plethora of meaningful volunteer opportunities. Set aside the time, and make it happen. Even one hour spent helping in your local community is better than nothing at all!

5. How does Trintech support your efforts to give back?
The biggest way Trintech supports my efforts to give back, is by allowing us to take paid leave for volunteer days. We all have demanding lives, and important careers, so finding the time to volunteer in your community can be tough. Having the option to plan those volunteer efforts during working hours, is a huge benefit, and another way that Trintech exhibits social responsibility. I believe this is one of the many reasons why Trintech was included as one of DFW’s best and brightest companies to work for in 2020!