Trintechers Build Bikes and Skateboards for Foster Kids in Friendly Competition

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Every year during Trintech’s Sales Kickoff conference, more than 200 Trintechers from around the globe come together in Dallas to participate in a service project that gives back to our local community. Trintech feels that it is important to not only focus on the future of the company during this annual conference but to also take the opportunity to perform an act of charitable giving. During this activity, Trintechers experience friendly competition, team building and most importantly, contribute to one of our Social Responsibility impact areas: Family and Youth.

This year, Trintech partnered with Together We Rise (TWR), a non-profit organization comprised of young adults that partner with companies and communities to bring resources to youths in foster care. TWR specializes in building and donating bikes and skateboards because they feel these toys help children develop confidence, independence and responsibility while also creating unforgettable memories for the 1,200 kids that enter the foster care system each day. Trintech was honored by the opportunity to contribute to this amazing charity by building more than eighty bikes and skateboards for Buckner Relief Center.

To heighten the experience of the charity event, we turned our service project into a competition in order to incorporate both charitable giving and team building into one event. To accomplish this, we divided our global team into groups where they worked together to build both a bike and skateboard while also completing challenges in between building. The challenges consisted of tasks like taking a team selfie, having a team member ride an assembled bike, spelling out Trintech without writing it down and taking a picture of a team member blow-drying his or her hair. These challenges combined with the building of bikes and skateboards allowed our team members to get to know each other and strengthen their relationships while simultaneously giving back to our community.







To learn more about how Trintech gives back, visit our Social Responsibility page.