Trintechers in the Community: Morgan Manser

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Morgan Manser (left) raising funds for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

Trintechers in the Community

Morgan Manser
Regional Sales Manager
Dallas, TX

1. What does social responsibility mean to you and how do you think Trintech exhibits this on a corporate level?
Simply, it means being human first and the business will always follow; the idea that we all are connected helps contribute to the bottom line.

Making decisions derived from a place of interconnectedness allows us to see obstacles as opportunities in disguise, and it encourages businesses to be the drivers for true change.

2. What are you involved in outside of office that allows you to give back to the community?
I speak to a group of women who are in transitional living and teach life skills in prison groups. The women that I mentor and who have been oftentimes faced addiction and incarceration in their histories, and/or were victims of domestic abuse are in the process of transforming their lives.

Beyond the traditional ways we think about giving resources, I have frequently contributed to the Red Cross (blood), and once was a match to donate bone marrow and donated thru DKMS (

The current COVID-19 crisis has also brought up new pop-up organizations like Feed the Frontline that connects the supply of restaurant workers with the current demand of healthcare workers who need food on their shift. FTF bridges those restaurants struggling to stay in business due to the social isolation and that typically have customers in them to transition and start feeding healthcare systems. More information found here.

Overall, providing introductions to people who can help, and leveraging networks has been my focus in the community as of late.

3. Where do you most enjoy volunteering and what about those organizations inspire you?
Donating time gives me a perspective on my own life and priorities. Mentoring someone saving money for their first apartment is a privilege. There are many organizations such as Boys and Girls Club that can help pair those interested.

4. How would you encourage others at Trintech to get more involved within their community?
Volunteering reduces stress levels. Start small. When I was in a particularly stressful time in my life, a mentor, after listening to a venting, self-pitying diatribe looked at me and asked “What have you been doing to help others?” I was floored as I was wanting his advice about my own challenges! It was at that juncture, that I started making it a non-negotiable routine in my day to help others. In my Outlook I have a folder *Helping Others, and go back to review it occasionally. When I do, it reminds me of the support we as Trintechers demonstrate with one another, and for every time I give, I get back 3x.

5. How does Trintech support your efforts to give back?
2 days VTO (Volunteer Time Off) is a huge boon for us. We all have gifts to bring to the world – showing up and simply listening to someone else is often all that is needed to feel connected and give something back.