Belfast Trintechers Raise Awareness and Funds For Alzheimer’s Society

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On November 25, Trintechers in Belfast will be hiking in the Mourne Mountains to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer’s Society. Their hike will take roughly 3 hours total, and the hikers will be fully equipped to make the trek.

Belfast Trintechers bonding over drinks. Because of the COVID pandemic, Trintechers have been dispersed as they work from home. Over time, a conversation began about meeting in person again, to get to know one another for team building. Eventually, it turned into an idea for a charity event.

Millions of people worldwide are affected by Alzheimer’s, and the team chose Alzheimer’s Society to impact those affected by the disease.

“It just felt right for us to give something back.” – John Mallon, Senior Manager, Software Engineering, Trintech Belfast

Alzheimer's Society: United Against Dementia Alzheimer’s Society aims to transform the landscape of dementia by creating a society where those affected are supported and accepted, and can live in their communities without fear or prejudice. Alzheimer’s Society offers support groups, advice, guides, and stories about those affected by dementia or those living with loved ones affected by dementia. They provide countless resources and aid to families to help them with any need or question they have.

To make this charity event a reality, the team received a pack about how to fundraise from Dementia Northern Ireland. From there, it was decided that the goal would be to raise 750 pounds sterling via a JustGiving fundraising site. Sites like JustGiving, or GoFundMe, allow for individuals to raise money for causes they care about through posting on social media, enabling friends and family to make contributions of any size.

“Dementia is something that’s touched everyone at some stage in their lives, usually through a family member.” – John Mallon, Senior Manager, Software Engineering, Trintech Belfast

Over 55 million people today live with dementia, and it is estimated that there are roughly 10 million new cases every year, according to the World Health Organization. According to those numbers, chances are that every person knows someone that has been affected, or has been affected themselves, by dementia. Organizations like Alzheimer’s Society are so important because they fight to help all affected live their life to the fullest.

The Belfast Trintechers’ hike begins in Newcastle, at Donard Park, takes the team to The Saddle (between Slieve Commedagh and Slieve Donard), through to Slieve Beg and finishes up at Cove Mountain. The Mourne Mountains offer a range of hikes of various difficulties, and stunning views of the country.

We wish our Trintechers good luck on their journey, and we are grateful to have such an amazing team that proactively supports charities like Alzheimer’s Society.

Trintech Belfast United Against Dementia

Written by: Mikayla Jordan