Trintechers in the Community: Regina Jordan

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Regina Jordan

Trintechers in the Community

Regina Jordan
Sales Operations Analyst
Dallas, TX

1. What does social responsibility mean to you and how do you think Trintech exhibits this on a corporate level?

Social responsibility for me means giving back to the community however you can or whenever you can. No matter what your life situation may be, there will always be less-fortunate people who need help and support. I believe Trintech exhibits social responsibility on a corporate level by encouraging the associates to give back to their communities and with leaders setting examples (walking the walk, talking the talk).

2. What are you involved in outside of office that allows you to give back to the community?

I support fundraising efforts for the local institutions for the abandoned elderly, orphans and abused women in my small hometown in the Philippines and have also volunteered at the North Texas Food Bank and Tarrant County Food Bank.

3. Where do you most enjoy volunteering and what about those organizations inspire you?

I gravitate towards organizations that help alleviate food insecurity and poverty. Growing up in the Philippines, I have seen extreme poverty first hand and my family has always been fortunate to have food in our table. When I moved to the US, I remember feeling overwhelmed with how much food products are sold at supermarkets, and  could not fathom the fact that there are still families worried about where they will be getting their first meal, or kids not looking forward to summer break because it means less food for them. Helping organizations in my hometown also allows me to stretch my funds and provide more food to the organizations. These organizations inspire me because they are taking care of one of man’s basic necessity – Food not only nourishes our bodies but also our soul and  one cannot simply go forward in life when one is hungry.

4. How would you encourage others at Trintech to get more involved within their community?

I would say start small and try to use your talent when starting a project to get more involved with your community. If you love baking, bake some cupcakes or brownies and deliver them to local hospitals for frontline workers. If you are good at writing and copywriting, find an organization where you can help individuals looking for work to update their resumes. Another way to do it is to go totally out of your comfort zone, like volunteering with a an organization that will not only allow you to give back but also push your limits or allow you to learn new skills.

5. How does Trintech support your efforts to give back?

Not all organizations have the VTO policy that we have, and I think this is great. I think the unlimited PTO policy will also help me spend a few days volunteering in my hometown once I am ready to go back for a vacation.