2019 Trintech Summer Interns

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August 2nd marked the end of Trintech’s 2019 summer internship program. This summer, Trintech employed eight interns from across the country, that were spread out across multiple departments. “The Trinterns” had a jam-packed summer with the opportunity to develop their skills, network with Trintech employees and participate in various events including weekly lunches with Trintech’s leadership team. During the executive lunches, the interns met and received advice from senior leadership and managers about how to succeed in their career path. As the summer comes to a close, we wanted to spotlight the eight amazing interns (or “Trinterns”) as they reflect on what it meant being a part of the 2019 Trintern class.

Andrew Hill

Andrew Hill – IT Intern

Andrew is a rising sophomore at Oklahoma Baptist University and is majoring in Music Composition. Andrew’s goal interning at Trintech was to gain work experience at a software company and obtain a better understanding of common IT technologies and processes.

“My favorite experience of this internship was running the sound for the Trivia Challenge. It was exhausting, but I had the adrenaline rush to keep me going. A close second would definitely have to be at the beginning of the summer when I got to do a lot of PowerShell scripting.”

Cawood Thompson

Cawood Thompson – Human Resources Intern

Cawood is an upcoming senior at the University of Dallas. Fun fact about Cawood, this is his 3rd summer as a Trintern! His goal this summer was to help streamline the HR processes and decrease the team’s workload.

“I accomplished everything I set out to do this summer. At the beginning of my HR internship, I was tasked with the project of setting up scrolling multimedia billboards for internal use in all of our offices across the globe. I am honestly overjoyed to say that, with the indispensable help of a skilled (and patient) IT team, we have installed a stable platform for “Trintech TV” in all the offices of Trintech!”

Evelyn Bixby – Accounting Intern

Evelyn will be graduating in 2021 with both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting. The company culture and the people are what drew her to Trintech and she’s had a wonderful summer being fully immersed in the accounting world.

“On my first day at Trintech, I immediately became part of a team and was put to work. The tasks I was given were meaningful accounting work that added value to the company. No one walked me through everything, which I appreciated. They let me figure things out on my own but were always there to answer my questions.”

Jackson Mays

Jackson Mays – Sales Intern

Jackson is a rising senior at the University of Kentucky. Jackson’s goal for this summer internship was to gain an understanding of the professional world and try to determine a direction for his career.

“I learned how to act and conduct myself in a work environment. I also learned how vital communication is in the workplace – it is the enabler for getting tasks done correctly and on time. In addition to that, I learned quite a bit about the sales process from sitting in on weekly sales meetings and working directly with the Sales and Sales Operations teams. Lastly, the weekly lunches with the executives were very insightful, and the career advice they gave the interns was beneficial.”

JD Eggert
JD Eggert – Engineering Intern

JD came back to intern at Trintech in our engineering department for the second summer in a row. He is a senior at the University of Texas in Austin where he is also a part of the Longhorn band. JD’s main ambition is to continue to learn more about code and software development practices.

“During my time at Trintech, I gained a greater understanding of the developmental protocol for software in a business sense, from feature creation to development to testing and deployment. I also greatly increased my knowledge of the C# language and good software development principles in general.”

Madeline Devine

Madeline Devine – Marketing Intern

Madeline was a marketing intern, working with Trintech’s new mid-market segment. She is a rising senior at Texas Tech University. This summer, she hoped to gain confidence in her marketing ability, as she embarked on her career journey in less than a year.

“My advice for next year’s interns would be to be confident in yourself, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and don’t be afraid to give your opinion. Everyone who works here values the work that interns do and sincerely appreciates it when we give our input.”

Noah Lishman
Noah Lishman – Engineering Intern

Noah is a rising junior at the University of North Texas. In the future, he would like to become a tech lead and eventually develop his own company.

“My favorite experience at Trintech was when our team finally delivered our last hotfix. We had been working hard for the past 5 weeks so seeing our work come together into a product we delivered to customers was satisfying.”

Teddy Helnen
Teddy Heinen – Engineering Intern

Teddy is a rising junior at Texas A&M University, where he is majoring in computer science. Teddy’s dream is to maintain a large and popular open-source project. In his spare time, he does a fair amount of open source work, including pulling requests to active projects.

“One of the most interesting projects I have worked on at Trintech involved unit tests – I had never written unit tests before. It’s quite interesting to see how they work and realize how useful it is to know.”

To our 2019 Trinterns, thank you for all your contributions this summer, including the very successful Penny Wars and Trivia Challenge. We wish you all the best on your next endeavors!

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Written by: Jackie Mwesigwa