Customer Spotlight: Sanofi and GSK Partner to Develop a COVID-19 Vaccine

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In a move dubbed an “unprecedented collaboration” on CNBC, two pharmaceutical competitors, Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), have teamed up to fight COVID-19. The companies, both Cadency by Trintech customers, recently announced their partnership to develop an adjutant COVID-19 vaccine.

“As the world faces this unprecedented global health crisis, it is clear that no one company can go it alone,” Paul Hudson, the CEO of Sanofi, said about the collaboration. “That is why Sanofi is continuing to complement its expertise and resources with our peers, such as GSK, with the goal to create and supply sufficient quantities of vaccines that will help stop this virus.”

In a signed letter of intent, Sanofi committed its S-protein antigen—a genetic match for the proteins within the intensely-spreading virus— and GSK contributed its proven pandemic adjuvant technology to address the global pandemic.

“By combining our scientific expertise, technologies and capabilities, we believe that we can help accelerate the global effort to develop a vaccine to protect as many people as possible from COVID-19,” Emma Walmsley, CEO of GSK commented.

Together, the two European companies are determined to find relief for the virus that has infected nearly two million worldwide, and their partnership is supported by the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), based in the United States.

The article by CNBC revealed the two companies are aiming to produce a batch of these vaccines within the next twenty months, and clinical trials are scheduled to take place later this year.

Both GSK and Sanofi are Trintech customers, transforming their Record to Report with Cadency solutions to improve their overall financial processes.

Trintech would like to thank you, Sanofi and GSK, for your commitment to supporting worldwide health by collaborating to fight this pandemic in this unprecedented time of uncertainty!


The CNBC article in its entirety can be found here.

Written by: Ashton Mathai