IWD2020 Spotlight: Channing Holman

Blog post

Channing is Trintech’s Mid-Market Digital Marketing Manager. She attended the University of Texas at Austin for her undergraduate degree and went on to Texas Women’s University to earn her MBA with a concentration in Business Analytics. We interviewed Channing for International Women’s Day to learn more about her experiences as a woman in business and technology.

What does innovation mean to you and how do you exhibit it in your daily life?
Executing innovation means thinking outside of the box and going above and beyond. If I don’t resolve the challenge, who will? I exhibit innovation daily by leveraging data to curate marketing campaigns aligned with our business objectives.

How do you leverage your perspective as a woman in the tech industry?
As a woman in a male-dominated tech industry, I am honored to have a seat at the table when discussing plans to move the business forward. As a marketer, it is empowering to incorporate messaging and imagery, which represents strong women in business in deliverables.

How have generations of women in your family before you impacted the work you do in your job and/or your community?
I was raised around generations of strong women who achieved whatever goal lay before their eyes. I exhibit my strong work ethic professionally to execute goals aligned with business objectives, as well as volunteering within the community.

Do you identify with any particular woman in history? Why?
I identify with Mae Jemison, the first African American woman to travel space in 1992. We all have a journey set before us as women and it’s up to us to overcome roadblocks, obstacles and doubt to reach our goals. Mae Jemison literally traveled to space and served as a pioneer in the space industry. What will you pioneer?

Thank you, Channing, for pursuing innovation and success every day at Trintech.