IWD2020 Spotlight: Morgan Manser

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Morgan Manser is an Account Executive Sales Manager at Trintech and has been with us for 2 years. Outside of her work at Trintech, she enjoys volunteering in her community. The most recent service event she participated in taught girls, ages 4-11, science experiments at the Jubilee Center in Fair Park, Dallas. The Jubilee Center offers one of the few young childhood early-start programs in the neighborhood to help support and develop skills for children to succeed later in life. We were honored to sit down with Morgan and discuss her thoughts on innovation.

What does innovation mean to you and how do you exhibit it in your daily life?
Innovation usually presumes an element of a product or service to make things more efficient, and most of my 9-5 day is spent re-imagining and experimenting how to best set forth a vision to our potential customers based on the impact Cadency will have for their business. I’m an ardent follower of the sales enablement software companies that exist to try to make our lives as Individual Contributors easier. Trintech’s partners like Salesloft and Engagio bring so much value that I utilize these tools as frequently as I can. The lines between work and non-work are so blurred now, that when I get a reminder on my phone to call a prospect at 7:30 after I work-out, I do that. A win, win.

How do you leverage your perspective as a woman in the tech industry?
The women that I have surrounded myself with in my own career, particularly in Sales, all have one thing in common: they realize the value of their perspective. I would put myself in that camp. Whether sitting in front of a Prospect or Customer, or managing projects internally, there is an edge we as women have in that conversation or dynamic. It’s likely due to all the “others-centered” activities we do outside of work that enable us to come from a well-rounded and relatable perspective.

How have generations of women in your family before you impacted the work you do in your job and/or your community?
My grandmother! Not only was she college-educated when my mom and her siblings were growing up, but she pivoted her career when she was in her 60’s to become a Jungian therapist. Before then, she raised my aunt with a mental disability. She taught me that life is short but careers are long – we have so many opportunities to gain skills no matter at what age or what has occurred in our life experience.

Someone else in my family who inspires me is my sister. She is 15 years older than me, and has always been a “work hard, play hard” mentor. When she became a doctor, she graduated from Medical School on a Friday and went into the hospital to deliver her first kid the next day, Saturday, then had two weeks maternity before entering her residency program. Owning her own medical practice as well as restaurants with her husband, Megan today has more fun than anyone I know, including myself. She’s a reminder to celebrate my wins, and that our careers can span so many different interests and industries. She’s taught me that being siloed in one track or doing one thing over and over, for me, does not work and to define success on my own terms. If I’m not out in front of prospects, talking to my colleagues, working on another initiative to bring value to Trintech, or generally growing my career, then I am pursuing other passions. Community service and Mentoring others make me a better salesperson, hands-down.

Do you identify with any particular woman in history? Why?
Sandy Lerner, the co-founder of Cisco Systems and Urban Decay. She started not one but two successful companies, and now operates a sustainable farm. Again, so many for lessons re-invention and innovation of one’s own journey.  She may have been fired when she was at Cisco – but she did get fired by the individual also responsible for giving Steve Jobs the axe.

Thank you, Morgan, for your excitement and dedication to the pursuit of innovation at Trintech!