Risk Intelligent RPA™ – The Future of Finance

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According to leading analysts, CFOs are routinely certifying documents that are not fully accurate and are doing so without any measure of risk. So, how can the office of finance ensure the integrity of the balance sheet, contribute to the health and growth of the business and gain early insight into risks, while ensuring they are one step ahead of the non-executive directors and auditors?

Featuring research by Gartner, a world-renowned global analyst firm, our newest publication showcases the steps to take to achieve a world-class financial close.

•Accept – Accept that bottlenecks exist and realize that something can be done

•Automate – Automate your processes to reduce the cost and risks and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your financial close

•Advance – Ensure the integrity of your period end numbers and drive the strategic direction of your organization

To learn more on how to transform your financial close process through the implementation of innovative Risk Intelligent RPA™ technology, visit our microsite featuring research from Gartner.

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