Trintech Invests in an Organization Geared to Support Women

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Diversity in the workplace is a critical component to every successful company. However, despite achieving notable successes in the workplace, women still face many barriers in today’s workforce.

Recognizing the importance of empowering women, Molly Smith, Vice President of Customer Success at Trintech, and Morgan Manser, Sales Manager at Trintech, came up with the idea to start an organization at Trintech that gives women a safe space to exchange experiences and network with one another.

When speaking about why an organization like Women of Trintech was significant, Smith emphasized the importance of developing an organization that recognizes the phenomenal women we have at Trintech. “We have an opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences to expand our knowledge as we continue to develop the business acumen to advance our careers.”

Trintech’s first Women of Trintech meeting was held on Tuesday, April 16th and consisted of the following panelists:

  • Teresa Mackintosh, Chief Executive Officer at Trintech
  • Tara Nardini, Director of Professional Services at Trintech
  • Heather McNally, Director of Revenue Operations at Trintech

The theme of this meeting was how women find their voice and speak up confidently in today’s workplace. Manser states, “We need women to spearhead and engage in conversation. It’s about building that confidence to speak up when it matters that will make a difference.”

The Women of Trintech organization is set to meet quarterly and will cover different topics such as; work/life balance, building confidence, and navigating the corporate ladder. In addition, the meeting formats will vary including; panel discussions, external keynote speakers, and roundtable discussions.

Creating more opportunities for women starts with creating a more inclusive culture. Looking for a company that values diversity? Check out our open positions!

Written by: Jackie Mwesigwa