Trintecher Spotlight – Daniel Taylor

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Meet Daniel Talyor

Daniel is a senior software support consultant on Trintech’s London-based customer support team. He has worked in customer support for about 20 years, specifically on software support for the last 12, and he just celebrated his third anniversary with Trintech. He lives outside of London in the town he grew up in, and he’s an avid football fan who enjoys travelling.

Shannon: Daniel! Nice to meet you. Congratulations on the Trintecher Spotlight nomination and on your recent promotion.

Daniel: It’s nice to meet you too, and thanks. I really enjoy working with the support teams in London and Dallas in my three years here.

Shannon:  That’s right; I’ve heard that the support teams have recently changed up their approach to working support tickets. It’s called swarming, right?

Daniel: Yes, we’ve incorporated swarming into our schedule. Previously, the Level 1 support consultant would take a ticket and escalate it to a more experienced level 2 support consultant when it needed more attention. Now, the entire team – in London and Dallas – meets to go through any tickets that need another set of eyes. It’s great to talk through the issues with a broader group, where everyone can add their ideas or highlight things you haven’t thought to try. It also speeds up knowledge sharing, and we gain a deeper understanding of our solutions a lot faster, too.

Shannon: Well, that sounds like a win for everyone! What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Daniel: The people I get to work with. The London team is a good bunch. We work together well, and we often get together after work. I also feel that I’m given room to get my job done and my team makes it easy to do my job.

Shannon: I think it does make a big difference. What do you think makes you successful in your job?

Daniel: I think the accessibility of information we have here at Trintech is key. The Success Center is an excellent source for information. If I need information about any of our solutions, it’s right there for me. I don’t have to always be dependent on others to have to teach me and I can find a lot of the answers I need on my own.

Shannon: What about outside of work? Are you involved with any groups?

Daniel: Yes. I am a big football fan. I don’t play anymore, but I’m a member of our local football club. You know, our football.

Shannon: Yes, of course, but, if you don’t play, what do you do in a football club?

Daniel: It’s more of a social club. I volunteer, mostly. During the summertime, we’ll maintain the grounds or paint the stadium. I also enjoy watching my team play. I follow the Sutton United football team; they play in the National League.

Shannon: That’s the kind of football club I could be in. Going back to work, what was your first job?

Daniel: I worked for Encyclopedia Britannica. Their head office was in my home town. I worked in the computer room where they maintained all their subscriptions. There were rooms and rooms of magnetic tape and printers spitting out the remittance forms for all their subscribers.

Shannon: Wow, I used to have those encyclopedias. I also heard that you like to travel. What’s your favorite destination?

Daniel: I do love traveling. I’m not sure I have just one. My favorite place in Europe is Austria. I nearly moved there back in 2008. It’s so beautiful – especially Vienna and Salzburg – and the people are so nice. Outside of Europe, my favorite place is Mongolia. It’s just stunning – lots of open green rolling hills. It’s a wilderness; it’s half the size of western Europe, and only 2 million people live there and half of those are in the capital city.

Shannon: Hmmm, sounds like I definitely need to up my travel game. Okay, if you could give your younger self some advice, what would it be?

Daniel: Aside from some winning lottery numbers, I’d tell myself to travel more. See more of the world when you don’t have any responsibility.

Shannon: So, where is it that you’d still like to go?

Daniel: There are a lot of places I’d like to go to. One trip especially would be to go to Zimbabwe, my other half is from Harare, and we’ve not been there together. It’d be nice to meet more of her family and see a bit of where she grew up.

Shannon: That sounds like a great idea. Thank you for taking the time to chat with me. I enjoyed learning a bit about you.

Daniel: Thank you! It was my pleasure.