Trintecher Spotlight February – Nick Lancuba

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Nick Lancuba is part of Trintech’s Australian team, who are dedicated to bringing financial transformation to the vibrant Australian marketplace through the use of Trintech’s solutions. Nick works and lives in Australia with his wife and three boys ages 13, 11 and 9.

Jonathan: Nick, thanks for joining us today, most of the people reading this will be in the northern hemisphere, tell us a little about your Australian life.

Nick: Well, we live on the north-east coast of Australia, opposite the Great Barrier Reef in a nice-size town called Townsville, where my wife’s family is from, which has a population of about 180k. We have access to the ocean, mountains and the country and it’s only 1 hour from a major city like Brisbane by plane, so it’s a great place to bring up a family.

It’s a dry, tropical climate with temperatures ranging from a low of 15°C/58°F on our two days of winter and up to 40°C/100°F with a range of 50 percent to 95 percent humidity. So, the climate does mean an outside life is common, including BBQs on the beach while my sons body surf the waves.

Jonathan: Sounds very idyllic, are there any downsides?

Nick: Well, the wildlife is seriously wild. Someone caught a saltwater crocodile on camera in the next town up the coast recently, just a small 3-foot one, mind you. The other day I had a King Brown Snake in the garage, one bite will kill you. Due to a large number of Mango trees, we are also home to the flying fox,  a large fruit bat with a 4-foot wingspan. Everyone who lives outside of Australia thinks that Kangaroos look cute, but to us, they are a danger to drivers going down the highway; they can total your car if you don’t watch out for them.

Jonathan: Tell us a little bit about your corporate background and what you do for Trintech today.

Nick: I worked with Cognos/IBM for eight years and then with Adaptive Insights, an online budgeting and business intelligence tool. In fact, Trintech is a customer of Adaptive Insights. I’ve now been working for Trintech coming up on two years.  My time is divided between pre-sales, demonstrating the software, and Professional Services, implementing the software. My role is very transparent to our customers. If I say the software can do something in the sales process, it had better do it as described because I will be the person implementing it in the end.

Jonathan: What do you love most about your job?

Nick: I have been working with my colleague Fintan for years, and we have a great working relationship. We can work from home or from the Sydney office which promotes a healthy work-life balance. As a qualified CPA, I love our software. I love seeing our customers go through a technology-driven R2R transformation process in a matter of months. Combining R2R transformation with automated processes and Risk Intelligent RPA™ is a powerful story, which is fun to be part of.

Jonathan: What do you like most about working at Trintech?

Nick: The leadership and the vision. From the CEO down, there is a real sense of shared vision. Teresa is a strong and approachable leader. My bosses give me a level of flexibility and autonomy to be innovative and proactive to ensure our customers are successful. Since I have already developed a strong rapport with our customers through the sales and implementation cycles, customers will often call me first, and if I can help them, I will. If it’s an issue that I can’t resolve quickly, I’ll get our great 24/7 support team involved, so the customer’s issue is resolved.

Jonathan: So, now’s your chance to tell us something about working with Australians that you want us to know.

Nick: In the last 20-30 years, we have shown that Australia has a highly-developed economy. Australia is one of the wealthiest nations in the world. We have done that through partnerships and strong customer-centric mindsets. We are a laidback culture and focus on relationship building. Cultivating solid partnerships goes a long way.

Jonathan: I understand the summer holidays have just ended?

Nick: Yes, that’s right, we are six months ahead of the northern hemisphere countries, so our summer holidays start in November and finish in January. I work from home sometimes, so I am looking forward to the boys being back in school. Don’t get me wrong – I love hanging out with them; I coach and referee football/soccer with my boys.

I feel I have a great work-life balance with Trintech. Our customers are always a priority, and they know I will get back to them as soon as possible.

Jonathan: Well, I noticed Australia made it into the World Cup. What chance do you think they will have at doing well in the tournament?

Nick: We are playing France, Denmark and Peru in the first round in Group C. In all honesty, France is likely to go through in the first spot so we will need to play strongly to get the second spot. One advantage that Australia has is our recent experience playing in Russia at the 2017 Confederations Cup, so really there’s no reason why the Socceroos should fear this group.