Trintecher Spotlight January – Michael Amaro

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Meet Michael Amaro

Michael Amaro is a senior implementation consultant and team lead on Trintech’s Professional Services Team. He and his fiancé live north of Tampa, Florida and he works remotely. Michael was born in Miami and went to graduate school at Florida State but spent his early years in Memphis, Tennessee. He got his undergraduate degree from Ole Miss. Michael and his fiancé enjoy traveling and have two miniature dachshunds.

Sarah: Happy holidays Michael, and thank you for taking the time to talk with me for this month’s Trintecher Spotlight!

Michael: Happy holidays to you! I was excited about the opportunity!

Sarah: So, tell me a little about your history with Trintech.

Michael: I’ve been with Trintech for seven years. Before that, I was a customer of Trintech with AutoZone as their ReconNET administrator, and I was also on the team that implemented AssureNet, the predecessor for Cadency Certification, for their cash reconciliations. Once I joined Trintech, I worked on a team that implemented AssureNET for our customers. In my current role, I primarily support ReconNET and Cadency Certification, although I have worked with our other solutions as well.

Sarah: What does your role consist of and how long have you been the team lead?

Michael: I’ve been team lead for two years. As an implementation consultant, it’s my job to empathize with our customers and listen to their day-to-day needs to ensure that we provide them with the right set up they will need to use our products successfully. It’s actually really easy for me because I used to be in their shoes not too long ago.

Sarah: How do you make that happen?

Michael: I advise them on their specific implementation, helping them from beginning to end. The implementation is just the beginning, and we offer a lot of resources to make sure they continue to use the solution well on a daily basis. Additionally, I’m responsible for making sure that all aspects of the implementation have been thoroughly tested and that they’ve been properly trained. I do my best to understand the customer’s knowledge base, and then help to fill in the gaps; not just for the higher up folks that made the decision to buy, but also for the end users of our products.

Sarah: What do you like most about your job?

Michael: I think I enjoy the traveling and the opportunity to meet and interact with different people the most. I’ve made some great, long-lasting friendships over the years with different customers. I really enjoy the ability to provide my customers with a worthwhile service. I’m in a great position to help them find additional value in their processes and save them time and money and find it very rewarding. I also appreciate the management here at Trintech; they understand how I need to do my job, and they allow me the freedom to succeed.

Sarah: Speaking of succeeding…How do you define your success?

Michael: I define success by how effectively we listen to our customers’ needs and by making sure they get their money out of their investment.  I’m an accountant by trade which helps me when communicating with my customers. And, I’m always ready to jump in and learn new things. Customers are always challenging my inquisitive side with new business problems, and I enjoy working with them and finding new solutions to help them be successful.

Sarah: New solutions in a fast-paced and ever-changing market sounds like a rewarding challenge. How have you noticed our industry changing since you started 11 years ago?

Michael: I’ve noticed a couple of significant changes when it comes to Trintech. When I first started, cloud computing was a very new concept –it was more of an exception than the rule. Now, many customers expect their software to be cloud-based. Trintech has been meeting that expectation every step of the way, which has allowed us to come out ahead in the market. Another change is how our products have advanced in meeting our customer’s needs. Back when we first introduced AssureNET, it was our first standardized approach to meeting the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley. Now, we have an entire financial system of controls with Cadency that uses Risk Intelligent RPA™ to reduce risk throughout the financial close process. We’ve listened to our customers and made the right changes to help them continue to be successful and create industry-leading offices of finance.

Sarah: It’s easy to see how much you enjoy your work life; you have a true passion for what we do here at Trintech. Now, tell me a little about some of your other interests.

Michael: I love to travel. I get to travel for work, which was a big draw for this job. I’ve been all over the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South Africa and I even had the opportunity to go to Dubai last year, which was really interesting.

Sarah: Where is the last place you traveled to for fun?

Michael: My fiancé and I went to Germany and toured the Christkindl markets. We flew into Frankfurt and visited the Mercedes Benz museum before we started touring the markets. We went to about four different places including Stuttgart, Nuremberg and we ended the trip in Munich. My biggest takeaway from that trip was to use the train next time; I got a speeding ticket in Germany.

Sarah: Oh no! That must have been quite the experience. Any other interests that occupy your time outside of work?

Michael: I enjoy doing anything mechanical, such as working on my car. And, baseball –Japanese baseball. When I was a kid, I grew up an Indians fan, and in ’94 there was a baseball strike, so they started showing Japanese baseball. I wrote the TV station and asked how to find out more about the teams, and they sent me a guide so I could learn more.  Because I work with different teams all over the world, I found that I can catch a live game on YouTube during the early hours of a morning, so I got back into it a few years ago. It’s similar to our baseball, but they put their own twist on things which keeps it interesting for me.

Sarah: That is simply delightful. Even as a kid you had an inquisitive, problem-solving spirit. We are very lucky to have you here at Trintech, and so are our customers!

Michael: Thank you! I feel lucky to be here; it’s a rewarding place to work — a great company with great solutions and people.