Trintecher Spotlight October – Justin Sweely

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Meet Justin Sweely

For the month of October, we are shining the Trintecher Spotlight on Justin Sweely , a Texas native who grew up in Irving. Justin now works in our Dallas office.

Regina: Hi Justin. Congratulations on being selected for the Trintecher Spotlight and thanks for allowing me to interview you. How long have you been at Trintech?

Justin: I started with Trintech in July of 2017, so just over a year.

Regina: Can you describe your job at Trintech and what you like most about it?

Justin: I am a Senior Support Engineer. My team serves as the front line for supporting our customers. We help them with any questions they may have while working with our solutions. There’s a lot to like about my job. I really enjoy interacting with our customers every day and the nature of their questions vary so I get to work closely with a lot of other departments like the Cloud team, or the Engineering team and even Customer Success at times. I get a wide view of what a lot of the other in the company do.

Regina: That sounds like a very good way to learn the ropes around here. What makes you successful in your job?

Justin: It’s a team-oriented environment around here, so it’s easy to be successful. My job is to keep our customers well-serviced as they use our solutions and a big part of that is keeping on top of the communication. To make this possible, it takes all the people around me – both on my team and people I rely on in other departments. It’s the community that makes it all happen.

Regina: It does seem like your group has a good time. How long have you been working in this general area of expertise?

Justin: I’ve been working in this general area for about five years. I started in general IT, doing network support, web development and e-commerce for a while. All of this was before I moved to Trintech, where I was introduced to the software side of things.

Regina: What’s different about working at Trintech?

Justin: The opportunity to work with the latest technologies and get more up-to-date experience is what makes working for Trintech very appealing to me.

Regina: When you get customer calls, besides your input and assistance, what tools do you find to be most useful?

Justin: I would say all the resources we have for our solutions on are very helpful. I was surprised to see how many different types of resources we have, such as the webinars, instructional videos, release notes and online help. The training materials not only help our customers, but they have helped me as well. I use them all the time to find answers.

Regina: If you could give your younger self some advice, what would it be?

Justin: Before I came to Trintech, I was very confident in my job. It was a hard decision to leave, even though I realized I wasn’t really happy there. So, I felt like I was taking a big risk coming to Trintech. Now I know it was the right move because I feel like I removed the ceiling and have room to grow in my career. So, I guess I’d encourage myself not to be so afraid to take a risk that could turn into a very good opportunity because that’s how I feel about my move to Trintech.

Regina: Wow, that is really good advice – for anyone. What about outside of work? Do you have any hobbies?

Justin: I have a lot of hobbies. I’ve been on a men’s competitive volleyball team for seven years. I spend all my time at work indoors, so when I’m not at work I love being outdoors. I like to hike and play disc golf. I’ve also spent the last few years working on my rock climbing skills.

Regina: Do you have any special rock climbing trips planned?

Justin: Well, as a matter of fact, I’m planning to take my girlfriend of four years on a surprise hiking trip this weekend. We’ve always done the rock climbing and hiking thing together. We’re going to head down to south Texas, and I’m going to take her on a hike at Enchanted Rock and go up to the top and propose to her. She has no idea!

Regina: Oh my gosh. That’s great news! We’ll look forward to hearing all about it. Okay, well nothing else can top that. Thank you so much for your time and for sharing with us, and good luck this weekend!

Justin: Thank you. I enjoyed talking with you.

Editor’s note: SHE SAID YES!