Risk Intelligent RPA™

Robotic Process Automation Specifically Created for the Office of Finance


Simply stated, Robotic Process Automation is software technology that minimizes the need for human intervention by automatically performing repeatable, rule-based, and often high-volume tasks. Numerous industries have adopted its time- and money-saving capabilities to improve their important processes, such as claims processing, manufacturing tasks and much more.

However, while RPA improves upon the status quo of numerous manual processes, only Risk Intelligent RPA™ is specifically designed to fulfill the needs of the office of finance as it applies a company’s specific risk tolerances and compliance framework throughout all financial close activities.

Financial Close Capabilities:

  • Risk-based routing and approval
  • Auto-approval of low-risk activities
  • Application of both local global risk policies at various levels within the process
  • Dynamically updated key attributes, such as criticality, scheduling and ownership
  • Touchless administration, including flexible business rules to manage new account assignments

Risk Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Capabilities

Risk Intelligent Robotic Process Automation In recent years, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has taken the office of finance by storm, and for good reason. However,...

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The Astonishing ROI of Risk Intelligent RPA in Finance & Accounting

Recently, robotic process automation has started to be implemented in a broader set of higher-value functions. The performance and cost savings of RPA are proven and repeatable, and Trintech’s Risk Intelligent RPA takes these benefits to the next level by underpinning the process with an effective controls framework and unifying all key control components.

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Mitigate Repetitive Work with Cadency’s Dynamic Account Maintenance

Cadency Reconciliation – Certify can help mitigate repetitive work and allow more focus on value-added activities by leveraging Risk Intelligent Robotic Process Automation via Dynamic Account Maintenance. This functionality not only saves time but also creates full transparency whenever there are any changes to the dynamic routing, making control and audit easier.

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