Two heads are better than one. And three are better than two.

Partnership is fundamental to everything we do. Consultants, technology advisers and (in some places) local sales teams add value to our core financial software solutions, offering invaluable expertise and experience to customers of all shapes and sizes.

Consulting Partners and System Integrators

Whether you are looking to accelerate and simplify key processes in your financial close or looking to transform your full R2R process, you want as much knowledge and experience as you can get.

At Trintech, we work with consulting partners for several of our client engagements — from the Big 4 and BPOs to staffing agencies and IT providers. These partners provide strategy, design, implementation and other services to make our customers’ lives easier and help them develop world-class financial operations.

Technology Partners and Certifications

We know your financial software works best when it can play in your tech stack.

So we’ve developed technology partnerships that help Trintech customers enhance their experience with our solutions. Whether it’s ensuring the security of your data in the cloud, providing access to industry-leading data centers, or connecting to your ERP to automate the gaps in your financial close process, our technology partners work to strengthen your customer experience.

BPO and Reseller Partners

Sometimes, the best solution to your challenge is a local solution.

So we partner with organizations that offer local sales, services and support in Central and Eastern Europe, South America, and Asia Pacific. These partnerships offer our world-class solutions while giving clients in these geographies a local touch.