Case Study

Municipality of Kolding

Adra® by Trintech Provides "A World of Difference"

Adra® by Trintech increases the efficiency and accuracy of the Municipality of Kolding’s reconciliation process.

Municipality of Kolding Logo | Emblem with bird and plant

Kolding is a frontrunner of climate change in Denmark, being designated as ‘Energy Town’. Kolding strives to be a pioneer municipality, as they were one of the first municipalities to initiate a strategic effort to reduce the consumption of electricity, water, and heat in their own buildings. This kind of initiative is one they hope to keep, due to one of their leading positions within sustainable city development. Along with climate change, the Municipality of Kolding is also a leader in other fields, with one of the few female Municipal Directors.

Since the successful roll-out of Adra, Municipality of Kolding now has an accurate overview of their process. All of the entry vouchers must now have the date and unique entry ID to ensure that reconciliation works efficiently. This helps them to quickly identify the differences in open entries.

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