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Adra Matcher

Adra Matcher begins the process of optimizing your financial close by fully automating the usual time-consuming, repetitive task of transaction matching. Automated matching can happen daily, so transactions don’t pile up until the month end.

Save Time And Effort With Automated Match Capabilities

Leverage a robust matching engine not typically seen in a solution designed and priced for commercial companies. Where possible, transactions are matched in a fraction of the time that manual processes take, so accounting teams can focus on handling only the exceptions.

Match transactions with bank statements, credit card statements, point of sale, merchant, 3rd party delivery services, and other external sources in a fraction of the time that manual processes take. Adra Matcher can read your data in its raw form, eliminating time spent cleaning up the information in your spreadsheets. With automated multi-way matching capability (3-way, 4-way, etc.), you’ll be able to quickly set up match scenarios and deploy intelligent rules to automatically review one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many matches. With our sophisticated matching engine, you’ll end up with fewer transactions to investigate so your team can focus on researching and documenting the exceptions to fix unresolved matches more quickly.

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Fewer Transactions to Investigate

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Automated Multi-Way Matching Capabilities

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Activities Recorded in An Audit-Ready Format

Adra Matcher in Action

Watch this video to learn more about how Adra Matcher can automate your transaction matching, bringing clarity and simplicity to your accounting team.

Adra product screenshot showing automated match rules

Automated Match Rules

Adra Matcher contains a library of predefined matching rules, such as Same Day-Same Value, that can automatically identify transactions that zero out, so your teams don’t have to spend hours pouring over line items that are already correct and only need to investigate exceptions. You can also add your own matching rules for even further control and customization.

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Raw Readability

Adra Matcher reads data in its raw form, eliminating time spent cleaning up the information to be imported from spreadsheets. Ultimately, this helps to prevent information from being lost during extraction and import or during formatting.

Adra product screenshot showing suggestive manual matching rules

Suggestive Manual Matching

A first of its kind, Adra Matcher provides you with suggested matches to enable faster manual matching of any unmatched line items. This means your teams can spend less time analyzing every unmatched item within the exception screen and spend more time on value-adding tasks.

The time savings isn’t just during the close process. We also see it from a day-to-day perspective. We are no longer spending time manually matching accounts because we now let Adra do the matching automatically so we can spend our valuable time focused on the exceptions.”

Shelly Traylor, Sr. Treasury Analyst Torchy’s Tacos

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