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The Increasing Complexity of Business

Business complexities can greatly impact the financial close process. In an increasingly complex world, finance leaders are being counted on to meet their organization’s demands for efficiency, innovation, and business intelligence. The top causes of business complexity include: The digital revolution Information overload Workforce evolution Compliance risk Digital Revolution The…

5 Tips to Improve Your Financial Close Processes

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Your books may be closed, but how much time and money did you lose from clinging to outdated methods? Be proactive by evaluating your financial close process now to avoid reoccurring issues later. 5 Tips For an Improved Financial Close Process 1. Review Your Original Goals for Last Year…

4 Answers to Common Close Questions from the Banking and Finance Industry

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The banking and finance industry has seen massive growth in both regulation and demands from upper management to complete their close in a more timely and effective manner. The reliance on outdated methods and a lack of a central viewpoint of the close process have left financial professionals within the…

Building Blocks to Financial Close Management in 3 Steps

Like everything else in business, there is increasing pressure to deliver more value with fewer resources. More and more CFOs are thinking about how their department can have a greater impact on the company-wide business by swinging the workload pendulum from number-crunching to analysis, reporting, and strategy. So, how can…

A Guide to Stronger Internal Controls & Financial Compliance

Take charge of your financial close controls and compliance. According to EY, one of the key characteristics that separate the “high performers” in the financial close process from the rest of the crowd is that they have a documented and detailed understanding of significant processes. Internal controls are tools that…