10 Years in the Cloud

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10 Years in the Cloud

Trintech Financial SaaSTrintech celebrates 10 years as a Financial SaaS provider.

Offering our software in a SaaS environment was driven by our client requirements back at the start of the Millennium.  The expansion of internet use as a key delivery mechanism for software and the continued need for cost-effective, tightly controlled & efficient financial process automation drove adoption at a rapid pace.

We developed our Cloud-based services to deliver clarity, control and agility, three areas that are critical to the success of any financial process improvement project.

Trintech Cloud Solutions match closely the description of areas Gartner outlines in their November 2013 research as crucial to transform a business. Gartner1 identifies these three areas as:

Visibility: allowing workers to be aware of how the work they do affects other parts of the business.

Process Accountability: enables end to end process collaboration and ownership that enables optimization of the process.

Process Adaptability: encourages process change triggered by events and removes technology constraints.

Financial SaaS offerings in the Cloud are ideal for standardized financial processes involving people, systems, business rules/policies and workflows allowing business partnering to be effective. However our clients in the Cloud were not merely looking for cost savings, but rather they also wanted the ability to create value for their business partners and see more efficiency across distributed finance functions.

Many Trintech clients chose to utilize our Cloud solutions since they were operating a hybrid Shared Service model for their finance organization (i.e., both captive and BPO partner), and this allowed them to ensure complete process governance while reducing the risk of any non-compliant activity from remote partner locations.

If the last 10 years is any indication, the Cloud will continue to float high on the agenda for Finance Executives around the world. At Trintech, we are committed to developing and delivering innovative solutions for your Record-to-Report processes that enable your finance office to navigate the storms and remain in the friendly blue skies.

1SaaS, BPaaS and CSB Need Three Capabilities to Innovate or Transform the Business.