Trintecher Spotlight August – Eric Cleveland

Eric Cleveland is a Software Architect on Trintech’s Software Development team.  He is a native Texan who grew up in a small town in the panhandle (north-west corner of the state) before moving to Dallas when he was 10. When he was younger, he worked at a country club throughout high school and into college. He began his undergraduate studies in aerospace engineering, but ultimately graduated with a degree in Software Engineering at The University of Texas at Arlington.

Today, he is married with three children: four-year-old twin boys and a 1-year-old boy, yet still manages to squeeze in a few golf games.

Jonathan: Hi Eric, congrats on being highlighted for this month’s spotlight. So, what’s your role here at Trintech?

Eric: I’m a software architect, which is a little bit like being the Architect of a physical building in that you design and draw up plans to ensure that the software is structurally sound and will remain useful in the future.

Jonathan: Is the new Bi-directional Close APR in Cadency an example of what you have been working on?

Eric: Yes, absolutely! It’s actually what I have been working on since I joined Trintech six months ago. On the face of it, it will allow developers to retrieve information from Cadency Close, which they then can use for reporting or updating third-party systems. They can also use it to gather information on Close Tasks that they want to close automatically.

However, it also has other implications that are far greater than the sum of its parts. Essentially, it provides the structure for how APIs (application programming interfaces) will be developed for every Cadency process going forward. This, in turn, will result in greater integrations being available in the future. However, more importantly, it provides a strong backbone for making Cadency flexibly scalable to support our customers’ needs when they’re using our software now and in the future.

Jonathan: Wow! So how did you go from studying Aerospace Engineering to designing a new scalable communication method for Cadency?

Eric: Well, studying Aerospace Engineering was not what I expected, so I switched my major to Software Engineering. After I graduated, I worked as a consultant, and it was incredible. It gave me exposure to different industries, such as retail and healthcare, as well as using different skills like programming, project management and design. My mentor suggested I pursue cloud technology when it was in its infancy, and so I became qualified in MS Azure as well as AWS (Amazon Web Services). My cloud skills are what brought me to Trintech and led me to design the bi-directional Close APR.

Jonathan: Since you have been involved with cloud technology from such an early stage, what changes have you seen since you started?

Eric: Well, the biggest change is the Fortune 500’s trust in cloud technology. They understand now that they can trust the large cloud providers like MS Azure to provide flexible and scalable hardware that is both secure and has good value.

Jonathan: I know you are new to Trintech, but did you compete in Code Games this year? [1] 

Eric: Yes, as a matter of fact, I did. It was a great opportunity to do some creative work utilizing the Bi-directional Close APR. The new idea was clearly appreciated by our customer judges and I even won an award. We are looking forward to seeing some of the Code Games ideas being integrated into our roadmap, so stay tuned for that!

Jonathan: That’s great! And it sounds like a lot of fun. Speaking of fun, what does a weekend in the Cleveland household look like? How do you do keep your young boys busy?

Eric: Well, our boys are very active, so we have to get them out of the house to go do something. We currently have memberships to both the Fort Worth and Dallas Zoos, which we visit regularly.

Jonathan: Yes, I can relate. It’s nice we have zoos in both directions for you to choose from. Well, thanks for sharing a little piece of your life Eric. I wish you a wonderful round of golf next weekend!

Eric: Great meeting you Jonathan. It was my pleasure!


[1] Code Games is a 48-hr coding challenge where our engineers collaborate with other Trintechers to work on an idea that they wish was in the product. Click here to see a video of our 2018 Code Games.