Trintecher Spotlight March – Simon Heckhuis

Meet Simon Heckhuis

Simon Heckhuis is Trintech’s marketing coordinator for DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). He joined Trintech in June 2018 as part of our expansion into the European market. Simon was born and raised in Rheine, Germany (near the Dutch border in northwestern Germany) but moved to London as part of a university exchange program and loved it so much he’s been there ever since. An avid traveler, Simon took off for a ten-day trek around the western United States just after our interview.

Shannon: Hi Simon! Nice to meet you. Congratulations on your selection as this month’s Trintecher Spotlight.

Simon: Thank you. It’s very exciting!

Shannon: What brought you to Trintech?

Simon: Well, when I was in school, I had several part-time marketing jobs. After I graduated, I worked in sales for a software company in London. I found that I enjoy building people’s interest in a product, but I didn’t enjoy pursuing the sales part of the job. Eventually, I realized that marketing fits me best, and when I found out about the Trintech position, I knew it was perfect for me. I was excited about the people I met. Additionally, I was excited about the amount of responsibility I would have from the very beginning. I also knew I would get the support of the entire organization.

Shannon: So, you are in charge of our marketing efforts in Germany. But, you live in London, right?

Simon: Yes, I work in the London office, so I travel a lot. Last year we were really working to bolster our outreach to customers we can help in Germany, so I think we did something like six events in six months.

Shannon: Wow, that’s top speed for a new employee! You seem like you really enjoy your job, though.

Simon: Absolutely. I love the range of responsibility and full accountability for what I’m doing. Thankfully, Trintech has set me up for success by making sure I had a budget, goals and a detailed plan. From there, they’ve mostly let me run the program, but if something doesn’t work, they tell me so I can learn from it and make improvements for the future. I’m doing a little bit of everything – from events to digital marketing to customer related content. I’m involved in all facets of our Germany marketing strategy.

Shannon: Well that sounds like a challenging job. What makes you successful?

Simon: My team helps me immensely. I have things I’m better at – like digital marketing – but for others, like public relations, I need help from team members that excel in that area. We naturally lean on each other depending on the task. You can’t be afraid to ask questions and to ask for help when you need to. Because you just can’t do it all on your own. I’ve never seen a company like Trintech before – they invest in you, believe in you and let you do your thing. Trintech enables you to grow fast, and they let their people be successful.

Shannon: I agree. What about outside of work? Do you have any hobbies?

Simon: I’ve been involved in dance for over 15 years.

Shannon: Really? What kind of dance?

Simon: I started with hip hop and street style when I was younger. When I was 14, I was an instructor. I taught a group of little kids; they stayed with me over time and grew with me. Now, I work more with Jazz and contemporary dance styles – it’s a little more reserved.

Shannon: How interesting, that sounds like such a great first job. Earlier, you mentioned you are about to leave on a big trip out west.

Simon: Yes, I’m going from San Francisco to Yosemite, then on to Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.

Shannon: It sounds like you’re in for an amazing trip. I haven’t been to several of those places. Do you travel a lot?

Simon: I love traveling. It started when I was a teenager, and I took part in an exchange program my school was involved with. My first trip overseas was to South Korea when I was 17 — students from 20 countries came together for two weeks. We talked about how to solve big problems, such as housing for large cities, and that experience really changed my life.

Shannon: How so?

Simon: Before I went, I was really shy, but I was determined to be selected from my school to go. Only one school from Germany participated, and only three students got to go. I actually applied twice. After I wasn’t selected the first time, I knew I had to improve my English, so I worked really hard that entire year before I applied again – and I got to go the next year. My parents said I came back a different person. In my travels, I’ve made so many friends from so many countries, and I still keep up with them today. From then on, I’ve wanted to continue to travel and meet people from other countries.

Shannon: I can see how that could have a lasting impact on you as a teenager. One last question, if you could go back and give your younger self some advice, what would you say?

Simon: I was always such a serious kid. I would probably tell myself not to take life so seriously – maybe not worry so much. I just went from one thing to another; graduate from school, go immediately to university, graduate from university and start the very next day at my first job. I like where I’ve ended up, but I think I could have eased up a little. I know that probably sounds different than most people, but I think there was room to be a little bit more irresponsible.

Shannon: Very interesting! And yes, very different than a lot of other people’s comments. Thank you for your time, and I have enjoyed meeting you. Have a great time on your trip!

Simon: My pleasure! Yes, I’m really looking forward to it.