Trintecher Spotlight – Christy Rohrs

Meet Christy RohrsTrintecher Spotlight: Christy Rohrs

Christy Rohrs has been with Trintech for 5 years and most recently took on the role of Director of Trintech’s new Value Optimization Team. Christy lives with her husband, son, two dogs, and a Panther Chameleon, in Denver, CO.

Mike: Congratulations on being selected for the Trintecher Spotlight for June!

Christy: Thank you, this is very exciting!

Mike: The impact of COVID-19 has been felt across the country. Can you tell us how COVID-19 has personally impacted you, your job, and/or your family?

Christy: Professionally, I don’t get to travel as much, which means that I don’t get to spend face-to-face time with our customers. The ability to meet virtually with our customers has been helpful, but it’s hard to replace the experience of meeting with them in person. Personally, I miss being able to exercise outside of the house. Prior to the stay-at-home order, I would frequent Orange Theory, but now I am exercising on my back porch. For my family, the biggest impact has been on my son. He is a senior in high school this year, so he’s had to adjust to distance learning and missing out on graduation and prom activities.

Mike: That had to be quite an adjustment for your son, as well as for you and your husband. In addition to working out on your back porch, what are some things you do for fun?

Christy: I love to go biking and hiking with my family. I live in Denver, so we can still get up to the mountains and go hiking.

Mike: Outstanding! Colorado is a beautiful state. Do you have a favorite place that you’ve traveled to outside of Colorado?

Christy: My favorite place for the beach and warm weather would be Hawaii. I’ve also traveled to Germany for a conference and had a wonderful time there.

Mike: I imagine Hawaii sounds very inviting when you’re spending your winters in Denver. You’re the Director of the new Value Optimization Team. Can you tell us what your team does?

Christy: We’re the cheerleaders for our customers. We help our customers that have already come into the Trintech family and we help to ensure that they are getting value from our products. We walk through their processes and make suggestions that could help them increase efficiency, help them grow, remain competitive, and hopefully become an advocate for Trintech.

Mike: This is very exciting! It sounds like your team is elevating the user experience to the next level for our customers.

Christy: Definitely. I like to tell our customers that we are their guardian angels to help them be successful. We come in after they’ve implemented, and we help to guide them to the level that they need so that they look like rock stars. There is an incorrect assumption out there that we just want to sell our customers more software. Not true. We want to help our customers be successful and shine.

Mike: Our customers are lucky to have you as their guide. What makes you successful in your job?

Christy: My team and everyone around me makes me successful. My background also helps me to be successful. Having been an auditor and still an active CPA, I have that experience that I can bring into conversations with our customers. I also believe that having a positive outlook helps as well.

Mike: I would also say your passion for helping others is an asset as well. One last question, what advice would you give your younger self?

Christy: I would say don’t be so hard on yourself. You don’t have to be perfect and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. I don’t know if I would listen to myself at that age, but that is the advice I’d give.

Mike: Excellent advice. Christy, thank you so much for speaking with me today.

Christy: It was my pleasure!