How RPA Can Transform Your Finance Function

Blog post

Advancements in FinTech have revolutionized the finance and accounting industry. However, despite Robotic Process Automation’s (RPA) proven impact on the finance functions of individual companies, RPA’s adoption rate remains relatively low. Why is that?

Recently, Trintech’s Vice President, Ben Cornforth, sat down with Ira Apfel of AFP Conversations to talk about RPA and examine its significance relating to the financial close process. During their conversation, Ben and Ira covered topics such as:

  • What is RPA, and what are the difference between bots, macros and machine learning
  • How RPA is being used within finance organizations today
  • The perception auditors have about the emergence of RPA
  • Pain points of an RPA implementation and what your company needs to consider before taking the first step
  • What’s next in RPA

They also discussed not only how RPA can impact the office of finance, but its inevitability as a tool for transformation.

Finance and accounting organizations have already started to leverage technology to stay one step ahead of the competition. And similarly, organizations of all industries have realized the same types of differentiating advantages when they allow RPA to handle the mundane tasks within their office of finance.

To learn more, and hear the interview in its entirety, download the podcast.

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By: Caleb Walter