IWD2020 Spotlight: Tina Andersen

Blog post

Tina Andersen is a Product Manager based in our Oslo, Norway office. She has been working with Trintech for 2 years and we’re excited to share her interview as we continue our International Women’s Day series.

What does innovation mean to you and how do you exhibit it in your daily life?
To me, innovation means applying information, creativity and initiative to all processes involved in generating valuable products. Innovation is also questioning established processes and solutions. As a Product Manager I am lucky to be able to contribute to innovation in my daily work life through continuously improving and building out the Adra suite.

How do you leverage your perspective as a woman in the tech industry?
I hope I bring a different perspective to the table to challenge old thinking. In general, I think diversity leads to increased innovation and enhanced problem-solving, and having different points of view also increases the capability to understand the pain points of all members of the customer base.

How have generations of women in your family before you impacted the work you do in your job and/or your community?
I haven’t really followed the path of the previous generations of women in my family when it comes to career choices. It was, however, a woman in my family who opened the door for me to the world of dressage riding, which has been a big motivation in pursuing my career goals. Also, the competitiveness and experiences I have from 20 years of competing in dressage have turned out to be valuable also in my career path.

Do you identify with any particular woman in history? Why?
A woman that has had significant impact on my generation of women in Norway is Gro Harlem Brundtland – she was Norway’s first female prime minister back in 1981. Growing up with a female prime minister made pursuing whatever career goal you wanted a natural thing. To say I identify with her would definitely be a stretch, but I think she is an impressive person that has paved the way for others.

Thank you, Tina, for your dedication and impact on all of Trintech!