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When companies make the transition from an on-premise deployment to a cloud-based solution, three types of cloud cost savings can be expected: monetary, staff and time. In this post, we’ll focus on savings for your future staff and how making the transition from on-premise to the cloud can help your company invest in the success of future IT employees and increase the attractiveness of being hired for the positions outside of IT within your company.

Cost Benefits for Your Future IT Employees

While it’s impressive when companies make a concerted effort to improve the day-to-day lives of their current employees, setting future employees up for success is just as important. When a new employee is brought on as a new member of your team, they require time to ramp up before they can fully contribute to your organization.

When companies move to a cloud-based solution, the daily and monthly maintenance tasks that an on-premise deployment requires are removed from their list of responsibilities. This creates a smaller learning curve for any future IT staff, since they have less upkeep to worry about. This translates into a faster turnaround on your investment with new employees performing value-adding tasks sooner rather than later.

Cost Benefits of Recruiting Future Employees

While at first it may seem unrelated, a cloud-based solution can be a valuable asset in both obtaining and retaining talent for positions both inside and outside of your IT team.

Depending on your location, there can be thousands of job openings for the hundreds of qualified job applicants, and only a few of those applicants will be a good fit for your company culture. The downtime of not having that position filled will cost a company both monetarily and in overall team productivity. And, when it’s a buyer’s market like this, potential employees will look for any differentiator to help them decide on their ideal employer. If your corporate policies will allow it, switching to a cloud-based solution will allow you to add working from home as an attractive option for potential candidates.

Cloud hosting allows for all your employees, not just your IT staff, to access anything that they previously would only have access to while in the office, inside a secure cloud environment. This enables positions that previously could only be done on-premise, to be able to work from home if the need or want arises — while the cloud host absorbs the risk of providing that kind of infrastructure.

When companies consider making the switch to a cloud-based solution, many companies only consider the monetary gain. However, ignoring the loss of efficiency and the chance of losing top talent due to remaining on-premise is something that no company can do for long.

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Written by: Caleb Walter