Pride Month 2021 Spotlight: Kristi Jacks

Blog post

Kristi Jacks is the Vice President of Operations & Data Analytics at Trintech. For Pride Month, we asked Kristi a few questions about LGBTQ Pride and what the month of June means to her.

What does LGBTQ Pride mean to you?

For me, LGBTQ Pride means being my authentic self. It is also about inclusion, celebrating diversity and standing up for what is right in my heart.


What are ways people have demonstrated they are allies that you would recommend for others to consider?

One of the best ways to be an ally is to ask if you don’t know something. Don’t make any assumptions and forget all the preconceptions. Try to use gender neutral nouns, such as spouse, partner, them, etc.

 What does an inclusive culture at work mean to you?

An inclusive culture is one where our differences are celebrated, and we all treat each other with dignity and respect. Acknowledge that it is okay to not know what to say – just ask!