Trintech Collects 57,000 Coins in Penny War Challenge

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Trintech team holding checkTrintech has always been at the forefront when it comes to cultivating collaboration and comradery amongst their employees. This summer, the Trintech interns, including myself, had the opportunity to lead this comradery with the corporate social responsibility fundraiser project.The main goal of the fundraiser was to raise money for a charity while promoting Trintech’s collaborative culture and inciting their competitive side. To boost participation across the organization, the winning team would choose a charity of their choice to receive all the proceeds. The fundraiser was a success and over 120 Trintechers participated in the event.

This week-long endeavor began with a four-day ‘Penny War’ and culminated in the second part of the event, the Trivia Challenge. For the next four days, the teams were able to gain points by adding pennies into their buckets and lose points when anything other than pennies was dropped into the buckets. At the end of the Penny Wars, point totals ranged from -3,000 to 17,000. All-in-all, we collected over 57,000 coins!

On Friday, July 26th, Trintechers gathered to participate in the final part of the fundraiser – the Trivia Challenge. Pizza and drinks in hand, the questions began. After four rounds of ten questions each, “The Redliners” emerged as the winners beating the “Sales Xcelerators” by one point.When asked about his team’s win, Joel Clark, Vice President of Legal and Contracts responded, “Although we only had four members, most of our trivia bases were covered and we made a late push to secure the victory and pick the charity on behalf of Trintech.”“The Redliners” chose to give the proceeds to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation. “We aren’t all native Texans, but we appreciate the beauty and wildlife of the state and want to do a little bit to ensure it continues, which is why we chose the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation to receive the donation,” Joel continued.The event alone raised over $2,244 and Trintech’s Chief Executive Officer, Teresa Mackintosh, matched the amount raised, bringing the grand total to $4,488.

The Penny War and Trivia Challenge was a fun and creative way to bring Trintechers together for friendly competition and a great cause. As part of the organizing committee of interns, we would like to thank all the Trintechers that participated and Trintech for matching the charitable donation.

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Written by: Evelyn Bixby