Trintech Corporate Challenge 2017

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From badminton to volleyball, Trintech and other companies from around North Texas are competing in the 2017 Corporate Challenge with bragging rights and company credibility on the table.

Trintech has participated in the Olympics-like competition for three years now, as employees from all departments lace up and hit the court, field or track. The competition kicked off in August with an opening ceremony and the events are well underway. Trintechers take competition seriously, taking breaks during the day to practice their ping pong skills for the Ping Pong tournament, or meet up after work to run some drills behind the office in preparation for the volleyball match.

Participation is a huge part of the fun and has risen over the years. In the 5K Run event alone, participation more than doubled by the second year and is on track to set another record in 2017. “The teamwork spans multiple departments and offers Trintechers a great opportunity to meet their co-workers,” says Susie Darling, Customer Health Manager and Trintech Corporate Challenge Coordinator.

“With Trintech’s extensive growth, this provides great opportunities for employees to get to know other employees in different areas of the organization,” Darling said. “In our first year, I was able to get to know employees who I had no idea about or what they even did – and I’ve been here 11 years! Teamwork and company pride are important benefits of the Corporate Challenge, which I believe we can always use more of.”

Everyone at Trintech, from the CEO to entry level employees, get a chance to participate and add medals to the tally. The Corporate Challenge also has charitable benefits for the community, as it functions as a fundraiser for the Special Olympics. Since its founding, the Corporate Challenge has raised more than $2 million for the Special Olympics, and Trintech is more than proud to participate in this worthy cause.

Ultimately, Darling said her favorite part of the Corporate Challenge is the games, saying the competition is fierce in the name of fun.

“Give the employees an opportunity to get to know other employees in different areas of the company in a more personal setting and you’ll see a culture shift,” Darling said. “When you’re playing 4-5 softball games with the same 12 people you really get to know them when otherwise you wouldn’t have had that chance.”

Want to join our team for the next Corporate Challenge? We’re hiring.

Written by: Sam King

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