Trintecher Spotlight – Carol Varano

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Meet Carol Varano

Carol is the Director of Customer Enablement & Documentation and has been with Trintech for almost two years. Carol currently resides in Charleston, SC, and enjoys yoga, baking, hiking, and traveling.

Mike: Congratulations on being selected for the Trintecher Spotlight for March!

Carol: Thank you!

Mike: Let’s start with a few easy questions. What is the most memorable trip that you have taken?

Carol: I’ve been lucky to take many amazing trips so it’s hard to pick just one. A few years ago, I traveled to Peru to explore the Sacred Valley, hike Rainbow Mountain, and complete the four-day trek to Machu Picchu. I absolutely loved the views, the hiking challenges, and the amazing people I met along the way.

Mike: That sounds like a great time! Where do you want to head next?

Carol: I’d like to spend more time exploring the western United States, including hiking trips to many of the national parks. I’d also really like to visit New Zealand and explore via camper van in the future.

Mike: That sounds fantastic. Outside of travelling, what are your other interests?

Carol: My weekly interests include attending yoga classes within my local community, trying out new baking recipes, making homemade pasta, watching documentaries, and planning future travel. I also volunteer with a local organization as an instructor and teach English as a second language to non-native speakers. Helping others learn the English language is a rewarding experience!

Mike: It sounds like you keep busy outside of work. Shifting gears, what would you say is the best part about your job at Trintech?

Carol: I love my team and the work we do. I am lucky to have an enthusiastic and motivated team whose mission is to provide the training and documentation for customers, partners, and Trintechers to be successful in adopting product knowledge.

Mike: What are some of the recent documentation projects your team has completed?

Carol: On the documentation side, the team wrapped up work on the Cadency/T-Recs 10.0 release, ensuring our customers have the details they need for release notes, issues, and other items. The team also worked to update the UI/UX within The Help so customers who upgrade to 10.0 will see the improved experience. We want customers to take advantage of these resources!

Mike: What are some of the recent training projects your team has completed?

Carol: On the training side, the team launched a new set of 85 eLearning lessons for the Cadency/T-Recs products. eLearning courses are available 24/7 in the Learning section of Trintech’s Success Center. Each course contains feature overview information, best practices, and software simulations to help build skills quickly and confidently. Upon completion of an eLearning course, the learner can immediately jump into the product and apply their knowledge to complete their daily tasks, while allowing the organization to maximize the investment already made in the solution.

Mike: What other benefits are available through the new eLearning courses?

Carol: The eLearning courses are accredited through NASBA, so learners can earn CPE for each eLearning course. We know customers and partners benefit from the opportunity to earn CPE through our training programs, and we’re thrilled to be able to bring this offering to our community. We’re currently running a promotion where our eLearning CPE exam fees are waived through March 31!

Mike: Would you take a moment to remind customers of the additional training that Trintech offers?

Carol: Of course! Each month, we offer free webinars to help users and administrators learn more about the advantages of specific features. A few popular webinars – like our reporting webinar – are offered a few times a year. Every time we host a webinar, we record it and provide a copy of the webinar recording within the Success Center so individuals can view the content at their convenience.

The Success Center contains webinar recordings, videos, and other resources to help individuals learn more about the product at their convenience.

The Training Team also offers instructor-led accreditation courses that allow administrators to hone their administrative skills through hands-on exercises in a structured virtual learning environment.

Mike: Where can our customers get more information about training?

Carol: All training is accessible within the Success Center. The Learning section grants access to eLearning courses while individuals can register for webinars and accreditation courses on the Events Calendar. I should also mention that we now offer badges to individuals who complete our courses, and badges can be shared on an individual’s LinkedIn profile or posted within an email signature.

Mike: Thank you for summarizing these great learning opportunities for Trintech’s customers!

Carol: Of course! I’m happy to talk with customers at any time regarding our training program. We can be reached at

Mike: As we finish up, what advice would you give your younger self?

Carol: Travel as often as possible and be open to new experiences, new places, and new cultures.

Mike: Excellent advice. Carol, thank you so much for speaking with me today.

Carol: You’re welcome!