Trintechers Continue Commitment to Sustainability

Blog post

Trintech is proud to announce that Trintechers have continued their commitment to reduce plastic pollution as they observe Earth Day 2019.  First established in 1970, Earth Day is a movement that sparks passion and motivates action for environmental preservation.

To observe Earth Day in 2018, Trintech distributed over 400 Trintech-branded YETI water bottles to our employees across the globe to replace the use of plastic water bottles. “When we asked Trintechers to stop drinking water out of disposable plastic bottles, and use our Trintech YETIs, the response was huge,” said Erinn Gray, Vice President of Global Human Resources at Trintech. “Trintechers even took them on vacation!” By using our YETI water bottles, we have helped to reduce plastic pollution across the globe – but we couldn’t stop there.

Did you know…

  • Plastic grocery bags are used on average for only 12 minutes
  • The average person uses 150 plastic bags per year
  • 10% of all coastline debris is made up of plastic bags

This year, Trintechers will work to reduce plastic waste by distributing Trintech-branded re-useable shopping bags to Trintechers who sign the 2019 Earth Day pledge.

“As a member of the Corporate Social Responsibility team, I am proud of the genuine support from Trintech’s leadership to promote resource conservation in our local and global communities,” said Nichole Weems, Product Manager at Trintech. “I’ve proudly signed the 2019 Earth Day pledge and plan to use my reusable bag as a lunch tote instead of using a disposable plastic bag.”

Just two days after launching the Earth Day 2019 Sustainability Pledge, more than 150 Trintechers have signed on and we look forward to the many more signatures we will continue to get throughout the day.

“I am grateful to work for a company that encourages its employees to do their part in improving global sustainability by further reducing plastic consumption in 2019,” said Karin O’Grady, UK/Ireland Marketing Manager at Trintech