Women’s History Month 2021 Spotlight: Toni Perrier

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Toni Perrier is a Lead Executive Assistant at Trintech. For Women’s History Month, we asked Toni a few questions about her experiences as a woman in tech and how generations of women in her family have impacted the work she does now.

What does innovation mean to you and how do you exhibit it in your daily life?
To me, innovation means finding a better way to improve a process and it often requires searching through the smallest of details to discover the area that will be most impacted.  I look for opportunities where innovation will add efficiency to the day, to a project or to an entire team.

How do you leverage your perspective as a woman in the tech industry?
I’m always looking to answer two questions; does it make sense and does it help others in their role.  Everyone has a different perspective and that view can be clouded by circumstances, input or a previously set outcome but when individual perspectives are shared, the best view becomes a powerful asset.

Do you identify with any particular woman in history? Why?

I wouldn’t say I identify with any particular woman, however, I find women who are survivors inspiring, especially when they’ve overcome unimaginable circumstances which were out of their control.  Corrie ten Boom is one of these women.  She was selfless, innovative and a risk taker all while surviving the Holocaust.  Her desire to care for and help others was greater than fear of persecution.

“Happiness isn’t something that depends on our surroundings…it’s something we make inside ourselves.” Corrie ten Boom

Over the course of your career, how have you seen the workplace attitude towards women change?
Positive attitudes toward women in the workplace have expanded because value has been given to their strengths, opinions and dedication. To their benefit, women often include an element of emotion to decisions instead of a more mechanical approach and by doing so, can view a situation or need differently.