ERP Connectors

Pre-built Integrations for SAP®, Oracle® and NetSuite®

What is an ERP Connector?

Large and complex organizations depend heavily on their ERP(s) to manage daily operations, and its financial information must be accurately incorporated into the financial close process. To quickly connect this data with Cadency’s transformative System of Controls (SOC), the solution’s pre-built connectors for SAP®, including SAP HANA®, NetSuite®, and Oracle® are built in the ERP’s native language and seamlessly connect, even to multiple environments.

Once implemented, the connectors automatically retrieve the data required for the reconciliation and close processes, as well as validate and post real-time journal entries. Ultimately, this integration maximizes the value of your ERP investment while still allowing it to be your central source of truth.

Cadency’s connectors immediately reduce the cost, time and risk associated with data integration by eliminating the need to develop and maintain custom code. Even if you start your financial transformation journey with Cadency now, you can still upgrade your ERPs over the next three to five years while benefiting significantly from its unique System Of Controls over that same period of time.

 “Trintech uniquely met our integration needs with minimal IT involvement, across our diverse SAP deployment.” – Siemens

How it Improves the Financial Close Process

Due to mergers, acquisitions and legacy systems, many companies are encumbered with multiple ERP instances or even multiple ERP vendors. Cadency is ERP agnostic, meaning that it offers the ability to support all instances of ERPs and GL systems, including SAP, Oracle, NetSuite and many more for complete visibility across all business units and geographies.

Financial Close Capabilities

  • Alleviates the time required to develop custom integration code to automate financial close activities
  • Reduces reliance on internal IT maintenance and support
  • Retrieves data required for the reconciliation and close process automatically
  • Integrates with multiple ERP instances and vendors to one central solution for the Record to Report process

About Cadency’s System of Accounting Intelligence

Cadency’s System of Accounting Intelligence combines ground-breaking automation technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Bots, and cleverly applies them throughout Cadency’s SOC to support the often complex and complicated Record to Report process. These technologies offer unique, powerful solutions to some of the most complex R2R challenges and readily scale as the financial transformation journey evolves and businesses grow.

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