Webinar: The Astonishing ROI of Risk Intelligent RPA in Finance & Accounting



For years, robots (bots) have been used by the finance and accounting (F&A) function to mimic rules-based processes.

More recently, however, robotic process automation (RPA) has been implemented in a broader set of higher-value functions, including compliance monitoring, testing and analysis, helping to drive efficiency and accelerate corporate performance. The performance and cost savings of RPA are proven and repeatable, and Trintech’s Risk Intelligent RPA takes these benefits to the next level by underpinning the process with an effective controls framework and unifying all key control components.

View this webinar as we discuss: 

  • Why organizations are taking a detailed look at how their R2R process can improve
  • How Risk Intelligent RPA™ is helping organizations increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of their processes, while reducing cost and risk
  • What ROI finance organizations are seeing from deploying Risk Intelligent RPA across their financial processes
  • When you should begin your financial transformation journey