Webinar: Top 5 Opportunities for CFOs to Accelerate Digitalization across the Finance Function

As organizations navigate this post-pandemic recovery, a key challenge they are facing is how to accelerate growth and digital processes while restoring the organization’s financial health. The CFO will be a key player in helping navigate this challenge and leading digital transformation efforts by adopting technologies that drive efficiencies and insights into business performance.

During this webinar, Trintech discusses:

  • Current challenges facing the Office of the CFO
  • Top 5 opportunities for CFOs to accelerate digitalization across the finance function
  • Next steps your organization should take


Syril Mathai – VP, Strategic Sales, Trintech






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Webinar: Driving Digital Transformation: How Financial Software Optimizes Your Virtual Close

Date: Thursday, August 26th, 2021

Time: 8:00am PT | 10:00am CT | 11:00am ET | 4:00pm GMT | 5:00 CET

Join Trintech’s webinar to learn why organizations are prioritizing digital transformation in the Office of Finance and how financial software can optimize your virtual close and enable strategic support for the wider organization.