Webinar: Utilizing Risk Intelligent RPA™ to Increase the Integrity and Reliability of Your Financial Statements

Within the finance and accounting process, risk informs everything. It drives how many resources you apply to an event or issue, and in the same way, should be central to how you automate and ensure behavior outcome. This is where Risk Intelligent RPA comes into play. Risk Intelligent RPA can free your F&A team up to focus on exceptions, more thorough analysis and reduce the risk across your business.

During this webinar Trintech will discuss:

  • What Risk Intelligent RPA is
  • How to use Risk Intelligent RPA and attach the nature of risk in a close activity to the action you take (or don’t take)
  • How Risk Intelligent RPA can increase the integrity and reliability of your financial statements
  • Best practice examples

Syril Mathai, VP of Global Partner Engagement, Trintech

Thomas Edwards, Senior Solutions Consultant, Trintech