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Adra® by Trintech increases the efficiency and accuracy of Municipality of Kolding’s reconciliation process.

Business Drivers to Automate

Prior to implementing Adra by Trintech, Municipality of Kolding conducted all of their reconciliations manually. “We copied and pasted the reconciliations into spreadsheets, which was difficult and timeconsuming,” said Margit Andersen, Bookkeeper at the Municipality of Kolding’s Central Administration. “We have so many entries that we have to reconcile every day, like bank accounts and intercompany accounts, so we knew we needed a solution to help us keep up.”

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Why Adra® by Trintech?

“About 3 years ago, our Budget Manager heard about Adra, and we saw the wide range of options for automated reconciliation demonstrated at a meeting,” said Andersen. “Some of us were a little skeptical, as it seemed almost too good to be true – but luckily, it wasn’t!”

Municipality of Kolding finds the uniform processes in Adra very beneficial. “When we used to manually reconcile in spreadsheets, everyone was doing it their own way,” said Andersen. “But with Adra, someone else can easily take over in the case of illness, leave, holiday, etc.” Adra has allowed Municipality of Kolding to refocus their team’s focus from repetitive and menial reconciliation tasks to higher value-added work.

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Solution in Action

“Adra worked right from day one on our finance system (KMD ØS), and we were up and running the day after it was installed,” continued Andersen. With Adra, Municipality of Kolding now has an accurate overview of their process. All the entry vouchers must now have the date and unique entry ID to ensure that reconciliation works efficiently.

This helps them quickly identify the differences on open entries. “Our office of finance can now always provide up-to-date answers when we have several entries each day for exactly the same amount, which is something that used to cause us problems if we had to answer specific questions on any of them,” said Andersen.

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