Trintech’s Cloud Financial Platform Is the Foundation of an Efficient and Effective Financial Close Process

The financial close process is one of the most important functions owned by the office of finance and the efficiency and accuracy of this process is critical for businesses of all sizes – from global enterprises to mid-market organizations. It also requires orchestration and collaboration from a variety of roles. These roles can consist of a handful of people in a single location to large, geographically dispersed teams supporting complex enterprise financials.

Solutions that support this process must adhere to both corporate and regulatory standards. And in order to succeed both consistently and reliably, the underlying systems must be flexible, high performing, and able to ensure process integrity.

Trintech helps you achieve this in three primary ways:

  1. Trintech’s financial close solutions are one of the first to be empowered by a global, multi-cloud architecture that has been designed and built in partnership with today’s technology leaders
  2. Where other providers offer either one or the other, Trintech’s platform features both public and private cloud offerings deployed to data centers in key geographic regions
  3. Trintech’s financial close solutions take advantage of one of the most extensive edge networks available today

Trintech SaaS Architecture

Modern Software as a Service (SaaS) is empowered by cloud architectures and technologies. Trintech has architected its SaaS offerings to support both public and private cloud architectures using the software and tools of several leading vendors.

In order to accomplish this, Trintech has standardized Cadency on its private cloud, hyperconverged server architecture that is recognized industry-wide as a foundation for SaaS solutions. Known for flexibility, data integrity, performance, and availability, Trintech currently serves customers across the globe in hyperconverged private cloud tenants.

Trintech’s Adra solution offers the same level of performance, data integrity, and availability while using a native Microsoft Azure stack to support our mid-market customers worldwide.

Data Architecture and Data Centers

The physical location of a company’s financial data can be important, so Trintech has built the architecture of its mid-market and large enterprise solutions with data location in mind. Companies who use Trintech’s cloud financial close solutions can select where their data resides and how it is encrypted.

Trintech utilizes its commercial relationships with Rackspace, Microsoft, and Amazon to deploy its SaaS architecture in the most modern enterprise-grade data centers across the globe. With current deployments in North America, the UK, Europe, and Australia, Trintech leverages its data center providers to ensure top-tier connectivity, power, cooling, and physical security for its solutions to help ensure our customers continued business continuity and performance.

Edge Networks

The financial close process can be geographically complex. In many cases, teams within the office of finance are geographically disperse. This is further complicated when business process outsourcing (BPO) introduces skilled workers whose locations can be thousands of miles away.  Add corporate or regulatory requirements that dictate the centralization of data in-region, and you have a recipe for a performance issue.

Trintech has partnered with industry leaders to enable access to our cloud financial platform directly from 200 cities in over 90 countries. Whether access to Trintech’s solutions is via public internet protocols or virtual private networks (VPN), the goal is to get a customer’s financial workers into Trintech’s edge network as soon as possible and let it facilitate a user’s access to data quickly and securely.

With over 5% of the Internet’s total bandwidth at our disposal, Trintech users are kept safe from global Internet bottlenecks and regional issues.

Regulation and Compliance

Trintech’s entire data center, network, and technical stack is built upon a premise of ensuring best-in-class regulatory compliance outcomes for our customers.  Whether a customer’s financial auditors are dialing into SSAE18 trust factors or internal auditors are ensuring privacy and confidentiality compliance, Trintech’s investments in compliance deliver results and accountability.

When it comes to compliance, Trintech doesn’t just check the key boxes.  We know the voice of the customer is a key to innovation in all aspects of our financial close solutions.  Compliance roadmap investments are no exception.

Whether it is our architecture and data center selections or our internal controls and organization, Trintech’s commitment to providing its customers with great compliance outcomes is always a key part of the strategy and underlying decisions.


Trintech has partnered with our customers and our globally recognized vendors to build an enterprise-grade, global architecture that supports its best-in-class cloud financial close solutions.

Featuring both private and public cloud offerings built upon a multi-cloud architecture, Trintech offers its customers the choices necessary to fit the needs of departments ranging from finance to information technology to information security, as well as any internal or external audit as well.

Your company’s performance and business continuity are predicated on a timely and trustworthy financial close. Trintech’s commitment is to deliver this to you in a way that is functionally accurate and efficient while also being technologically reliable and secure.